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Kerry, Jerusalem, two weeks, peace initiative

palestinians jerusalem yes again 2013

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Posted 03 April 2013 - 03:27 PM

' According to the Maariv daily, Kerry was planning to visit Jerusalem and Ramallah "once every two weeks" in what it said was partly a bid to "resuscitate" the Arab Peace Initiative.

"Israel should therefore consider the advantages it may gain from such an initiative," the newspaper said.

The Arab Peace Initiative, tabled in 2002 by Saudi Arabia and endorsed by the Arab League, proposed a normalization of ties with Israel in return for its pullout from all lands occupied during the 1967 Six Day War. '

each two weeks? for someone, an asst dpty secretary that would be a lot- for The SecState?? that's
an incredible statement, I canna even believe it's accurate

I always follow the Middle East like a hawk, and US interactions on't too, but mostly Israel, Jordan, Egypt, and those palestinians, I guess now they'r a nation I should capitalize, Palestinians; the place is the country, the people are the nation, there is no place that is a state/country called palestine, but there are now a nation of people officially recognized as the Palestinians.

I am currently reading the most awesome book, Rabinovich's towering Battle for Jerusalem(he was a reporter who went over, 1967, witnessed the city in the midst of it all then interviewed 350 people to do this illuminating book!)

but this brings up my,
'Scully's fish of the day'* ..... erm, current events question of the day: how much is Too Much, for our US SecState to be traveling overseas? ; now aint there plenty, more than plenty of organizing and work to do in Washington city? now I know that Hillary flew a ton and traveled all over, multi-country tours each year, but I sometimes felt that was a bit too much - should not the Secretary stay in the department supervising at least a couple months here or there?

I personally would think while sitting in this room,pic below, that I should go tour for one week every six or seven weeks, that would be the right amount to me, but sometimes exigencies dictate over some finger pointing on a calendar

as an aside, I also wonder why not we should have ambassadors visit with PMs more and as that minister have some days of 'Plenipotentiary' so you can get a lot done, including signed preliminary agreements. Ambassadors should be a method we can have Foreign minister out of the country a bit less don't you think?
fun link,

what's that star* ?
Quote, from the hilarious John Candy movie Summer Rental,
bonus question:
who said that quote?!

John ADAMS DRAWING Room, STATE Department

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