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Manning treason trial military 2013

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Posted 01 June 2013 - 06:45 PM

as this thing gets to trial, why am I posting a SMH piece on't? because it's a great piece, concise with key points, so let's look at this a minute:

this guy knew he was playing with FIRE, the military in a time of war, regardless of the public should know thing; I'll get to him in a minute... but how about this: does treason trump public right to know, information, and whistleblowers, and freedom of speech?

how about this part > ' In the case against Manning the prosecution is arguing that because he leaked material to WikiLeaks, and because he would have known that al-Qaeda could have read them once published, he in effect communicated with the enemy. This assertion has become crucial to the case.
In a New York Times opinion piece two of America's best known champions of the First Amendment right to freedom of speech, Floyd Abrams and Yochai Benkler, wrote that should this assertion be accepted no media outlet could safely publish leaked material.
"The extreme charges remaining in this case create a severe threat to future whistle-blowers ... We cannot allow our concerns about terrorism to turn us into a country where communicating with the press can be prosecuted as a capital offense," they wrote.
Similarly the Los Angeles Times wrote in an editorial that the government's claims were "ominously broad".
"By the government's logic, The New York Times could be accused of aiding the enemy if bin Laden possessed a copy of the newspaper that included the WikiLeaks material it published."
On the other hand Walter Pincus — a Polk, Emmy, and Pulitzer prize winner — has argued that those who leak sensitive information that does not reveal government misdeeds but nonetheless harms it are not whistleblowing, but simply breaking the law.
In a pre-trial statement Manning said he leaked the information — particularly the "collateral murder video" that showed reporters and civilians being gunned down by an attack helicopter's cannon — in the public interest.
"The most alarming aspect of the video to me was the seemingly delightful bloodlust they appeared to have," Manning said. "They dehumanised the individuals they were engaging and seemed to not value human life by referring to them as quote 'dead bastards' unquote and congratulating each other on the ability to kill in large numbers."
He said the military incident reports he leaked "represented the on-the-ground reality of both the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan."

I will not cut this guy's head off; he must have known there will be those wanting to whip him up in front of a dozen M1 rifles, or 13 steps up to the headman- do we even have the giant Tudor ax-sword up in the Tower of London anymore, or what was that place, Tyburn? drawn because you'r not worthy to walk it like a man, hanged til only half dead but alive and cognizant, cut down and quartered with aid of oxen including beheading in the midst of it, then your head up on a spike on the bridge and your limbs nailed up in the four quarters of the lands to remind everyone!

I say this guy played with the military, and the country, and an enemy, and knew there will be hell to pay, and being young and impressionable he wanted to make awareness, whistleblower, be a grass-roots hero, freedom of public information, Freedom! Power to the People!

but he's young, illusioned, naive, and did not think through the whole picture of how he was giving communications to the enemy in a time of war, and just how bad this is- you CAN do Whistleblowing out of the military, though not as a government empoyee insider- and of course you can do these anonymously, if you THINK and plan and creatively careful with redundancy layers.

this guy needs to be made aware of how bad, he needs to be taught this lesson, public right to know is not the same everywhere, and some things you want to do you must wait til a better time; but youth are impatient? He needs serious punishment, but I would not toss out this life Forever on the ash heap; he should have a period of redemption, and make a new life later on.

How about the press? their liability in a time of war? info or comfort to the enemy? how far in the media treason question? putting out leaked things? are they inviolable, or is our Nation so? :harper:

[ it's headman, haitch, yee, aayy, dee... ] guess I spelled Tyburn right, was that a town with a hill, for public spectacle?

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