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Getting an "Insecure Connection" warning for Exisle? No worry

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Explorers of Ariqua: Part 2. Rated R

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Posted 18 May 2014 - 05:57 PM

Elizabeth knew it when it happened, her psionic senses pinged even as the pale, shimmering shapes of ghosts began rising from their graves. Men, women and children even of varying ages in their ghostly forms rose up from the ground. Most of the adults were armed with ghostly bows, spears and bladed weapons. They were clearly the ghosts of Zapiyans and they looked angry. Knowing only psions could combat them she decided retreat was the better idea. "Ride!" She yelled, pointing at the ghosts. "Gallop!" Arlene obeyed the instruction even as Elizabeth lifted her hand and sent a wave of glowing purple fire towards the ghosts as they raised their own ghostly weapons. Seeing what she was doing, Serrala yelled to her knights to obey Elizabeth and rode on further down the path.

Just then, one of the ghostly Zapiyan archers fired an equally ghostly arrow. It passed right through Elizabeths shoulder and while it left no mark and she felt no impact nevertheless pain rippled out from where it had passed through her. She felt the damage to her life force and knew that too many strikes would drain her of life force as bad as a Daywalker Vampire could. "Run!" She yelled again as she sent another spurt of psionic fire at the ghosts, scattering them. She could hear their otherworldly howls of pain as she tried to buy the others enough time to get out of range of the graveyard.

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Posted 20 May 2014 - 04:12 PM

When the spirits of the dead Zapiyans started rising from their graves and Elizabeth yelled at them to run, Tevyn did not even think twice. There was no way he could fight spirits and he wasn't about to hang around and see what it was that offended them so. He simply reined his horse around as quickly as he could and kicked it into a gallop, staying as close to Arlene as he could, even though there wasn't much he could do, except try to shield her from the phantom weapons that the spirits were wielding.

Just as they were galloping away, he saw a ghostly arrow fly out of his shoulder at the same time that he felt an excrutiating pain in that same shoulder, which caused him to yell out in pain and almost unseated him off his horse. Breathing rapidly, he then felt another arrow his leg, which caused him to urge his horse faster, before their aim could get any better.


Jhanell had never seen spirits before, and she didn't care to hang around and get to know these armed ones who were yelling in anger. So when Elizabeth told them to ride, she wasted no time in kicking her horse into a gallop and riding. It wasn't long before she could hear the swish of arrows being shot at them and several of the groupl yelling out in pain, though she could see no wounds where the arrows passed through their bodies.

Then she yell-snarled in pain herself when an arrow passed through her upper arm, and she urged her horse on faster before an arrow found its way into him.


Demiriz gawped when the spirits of Zapiyans began to rise from the graves in the cemetary, yelling in anger and shooting ghostly weapons at his fleeing friends. None of the spirits were shooting at him, and he quickly deduced that it was because he was also Zapiyan. Maybe he could get them to listen. He wasn't sure, but he had to do something before someone was killed. He would be devastated if something happened to take Elizabeth away from him, so he stopped his horse and held up his hands, yelling to get their attention.

"Stop! These are my friends, they mean no harm!" He frantically waved his arms as he yelled, hoping that someone would listen to him.

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