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Games That You Were Most Excited About

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#1 Virgil Vox

Virgil Vox
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Posted 22 October 2013 - 01:45 PM

As the title says, what game(s) had everyone super-excited for? For me, Fable II was definitely a game that had me basically jumping up and down in excitement waiting for it to be released. I read every news item about it and checked the official website on a regular basis. Everything I was reading just got me more excited. Having the dog as a companion, the new magic system, a bigger world to explore, being able to marry and have kids, etc. I probably talked the ears off of everyone I knew about this game. I went and bought it at midnight and spent hours playing it right after.

Mass Effect 3 was another one. Come on, it was the final entry in a great games series and I was excited to see how all of my choices would affect the war and what would happen to all of my favorite characters. Regardless of how the final product came out, the anticipation of this game for me was high. Though I took the opposite approach than I did with Fable II. I tried to stay away from spoilers and such. I wanted to go in as fresh as possible. I didn't always succeed, mind, but I tried.

Jak 3, for the same reasons as ME3. The fina chapter in the series, giving answers to all the burning questions, and just more great gameplay and time with awesome characters.
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#2 NeuralClone

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Posted 22 October 2013 - 01:59 PM

I'm going to go back a ways but Baldur's Gate II had me super excited. A bigger, more refined, more developed version of the first game with better graphics, a higher level cap, and more class options? What wasn't to get excited about? Likewise, Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal got me equally excited for similar reasons but it was also concluding the series and raised the stakes to demigod levels with promises of being able to effectively take on entire armies with 6 characters.

Guild Wars 2 is another game that got me excited like that and mostly delivered what I was expecting. It's pretty rare when a game meets or surpasses my expectations.
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#3 Niko

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Posted 22 October 2013 - 02:45 PM

Hrrrrmmmm... trying to think back, the one that really stands out for me is Ultima VII   (or, probably, more likely, Ultima VII, Part 2).  I remember that kind of thing being way more exciting in the days before there were 80-million game sites with previews and gameplay footage months and months out from the actual release.   Any new entry in a big RPG franchise is always cause for excitement, but Ultima was always the most special for me, and when VII turned out to be so great, the news that there was more-of-the-same coming without the usual "Oh noes, what will they change?" worry... amazing.  :)
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#4 NexusNine


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Posted 25 October 2013 - 10:37 AM

Final Fantasy VI.  When I first starting seeing pics of that game and hearing all that it had to offer, I knew that game was going to be special.  And it was.  I would not put that game down.  I completed it in under two weeks and went right back into playing it.  

Chrono Trigger.  When news came out that Square was working on an RPG that had the potential of blowing away FFVI... well, my little geeky mind nearly exploded.  I remember being very skeptical because there was so much hype around that game.  I didn't think it could live up to my expectations.  And while the game didn't dethrone FFVI as the greatest RPG ever in my mind, it did live up to my expectations and exceed them by leaps and bounds to take the spot as the second best RPG ever in my mind.  I don't think there's a game out there that I've beaten more times than Chrono Trigger.  

Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete for the PSOne.  I was a fan of this series even before it was announced that it was coming over to the PSOne.  Lunar: The Silver Star was a completely charming classic RPG game that began its life on the Sega CD some years earlier, so when it was announced that Game Arts was working on a remade, definitive version of the game, I just about flipped my geeky lid in the most awesomest of ways possible.  It was boasting improved graphics, music, a bigger quest, and the addition of over an hour of high quality animation to help tell the story.  I was ready for it.  But the company that was localizing it in the US, Working Designs, wasn't.  The game saw numerous delays, sometimes up to four or five months at a time, and it became such an issue that Working Designs would release a collectors disc (which was really just a demo disc) containing the first six hours of the game with no features removed and the ability to transfer your saved file to the actual game once the full game was released.  This disc was given to anyone who pre-ordered the game as an appeasement for the numerous delays.  It was also Working Designs' assurance that the game was indeed was going to see release.  They were banking on the hope that gamers would take their time with the demo disc so that by the time they completed the six hours of the game included, the actual game would be out.  And while it did help to ease the wait, most gamers finished the demo disc in one or two sittings and were right back to waiting.  Anyway eventually the game did get released and it was everything I was hoping for and more.  I could not put the game down.  Every free second I had went into that game.  I completed it in less than two weeks.  Actually, I completed it in 8 days.  

Xenoblade Chronicles.  Nobody knew if this game was even going to see a US release.  Then the UK got it.  There was hope.  Then Nintendo of America said no, they had no plans to release it here in the states.  Hopes faded.  Many people pirated the UK version or imported it and modded their Wii to play PAL games.  But I held out.  Waited.  And then Nintendo of America did it.  They licensed the game for US release.  But months of waiting were still ahead of me and many gamers.  I pre-ordered the game about five months before release.  Glad I did.  The game was near impossible to find on the shelf at launch.  And the second pressing sold out quick making the US copy of this game the highest selling version of this game across the world.  Used copies of Xenoblade go for $69.99 now at Gamestops, which is $20 higher than it sold for band new when it came out.  But since it's so hard to find it used on a Gamestop shelf these days, most people go over to Ebay or Amazon.com to get the game.  And on these sites the game is going for close to $100 or more.  Xenoblade is one of the best RPGs released in the past decade.  Lived up to all of my expectations.

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