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Getting an "Insecure Connection" warning for Exisle? No worry

Details in this thread

new voices in Space?

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    pls don't kick offworlders, we can find a place too

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Posted 09 November 2013 - 04:32 PM

so hey I'm watching this killer movie with a stellar cast, Page Eight, starring,
Nighy, Weisz, Gambon, Davis, Krige, Felicity, Fiennes, oh hell who aint in this freakin movie,
about spies and backstabbing politics in The City; everyone should see this!

but, now, Space!
Space com is inviting Voices > get new content, and essays, op/ed, get the freakin
discussions going already! type thing > and that's a good thing, since so many in the
office working world today have their noses in just, who's the next hip employer? what's
the newest hip consumer device to buy? and oh, hey it's got this new feature, you
Just Gotta get this thing, everyone wants it! and who beat Chelsea lately! and oh just
things close to the city, and far from the borders of our planet. Any more 'out there,'
and 'where no man...' - and 'affects us down here'?

so they want to get the juices flowing and I dont blame them!
"(Do you read what they say online?) I check out all these scandalous rumours about me and Elijah Wood having beautiful sex with each other ... (are they true?) About Elijah and me being boyfriend and boyfriend? Absolutely true. We've been together for about nine years. I wooed him. No I just like a lot of stuff - I like that someone says one thing and it becomes fact. It's kind of fun." --Dominic Monaghan in a phone interview with Newsweek while buying DVDs at the store. :D

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