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Veteran deported, parent, worker,

immigration ICE deported veterans

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Posted 12 November 2013 - 02:55 PM

all right, the immigration issue is a big one nowadays, and I want to use this piece from
Guardian of Manchester, to illuminate, and first I want to say my broad view on the
illegals, and immigration-
You saw me say before, when the marchers are out on the boulevards with the signs,
we have rights, we came and we should get, and it's all about demanding getting-
I think What if I went to Australia where they protect jobs, and I am not the Pacific
islander exception or the expert professor exception; and I cannot prove outside income
from job in USA, to spend(oh they love spending, bring in monies and spend on their
economy but Oh don't you take, take jobs from us, take our monies Oh no) in NSW,
and visa of one month runs out- they would haul my behind off to a plane headed for
California so fast...! Or if they found me in Mexico, same thing, didn't apply for the
permissions, the privileges, not granted, not allowed, my head would spin how fast
they'd have me off in a prison for a month and then on a truck to San Antone, spanked.

No, if you are not a citizen you do not have the rights; you are in the country by privilege
granted, not a right, and a privilege that must be applied, you apply for it, and then granted,
allowed, and can be revoked; you earn the privilege and it is handed, then it is not permanent,
it can be taken back; and you should be proud of the privilege and not demand it to be
some right.

And then the whole issue of how they came in without applying, or without waiting for their
applying to receive the granted, the allowed, and just slink over in some foggy night in the
river valley or that horrid desert where the people starve and exposure, and die.

Now, in this piece- : this guy in USA for decades, applied for citizenship, not processed; he never
received the rights; but he did have his legal resident, and right to work, and for decades worked,
including in the Army and National guard; along the way, crimes, smallish of a sort, but not bashing
or killing or raping anyone; served his times, convictions but the punishments done; then he's grabbed
up and deported by ICE. what was that before? I remember when the Ice thing started and I thought,
what?? is that acronym? and I then became aware; but before it was something else we said, like
DOI? department, immigration; it reminded me of DEA, ha.

First thing about this one gets me, is that I say, We Cannot allow 'using', like in raping, like someone
is violated, the Army; I call it 'using veteran gravitas' ......... we cannot allow, saying that Oh I am this
veteran so it trumps everything, and I should get, everyone should kowtow to me, give me all, because
I did this veteran thing, worked for the Army. I say  that veteran service should enhance our respect for
someone who is towing the line, proper activities beside, and then a veteran beside; we should honour and
respect then; but not allow some to get away with things, to use the status, use the gloria, the gravitas.

Now, hard to say in this case, is he really using it? I say it should be a two way street- for all those in this
guy's shoes, deported for convictions; what level, what circumstance, and to what level did the GOV help
or not help the situation? did he do his diligence, apply to things? did they answer, diligence? if his applying
was 'Incomplete', did he know that? did they send it back and tell him, give HIM the Chance to fix it, reapply?
Did they do their part? before deporting? I feel a sour taste with this one, makes me wonder about All
the Other people in this type cases - I say they should have taken his punishments over situation, his veteran
with good standing(in that) a factor, his marriage, his working, his child- I say they should bring this guy
back in, they should make it clear to him about privileges and how they must be earned, get him back
together with his child, back to work, green card like he had, maybe a year of parole just to keep tabs but
mainly recognizing that his convictions though still on record are past, help him apply for future citizenship,
advise him how it must be correct and not just leave it hanging and he's told nothing, get him on the track
to be an American parent, worker, and citizenship. Yeah!


But I think they just wanted to be done, just toss the guy, over with it, lazy, move on, get over it.
On the one hand this guy should not use the veteran thing, but on the other, his veteran thing should not
be tossed, ignored, not added to his other positives as a positive.

So what do you say about this one guy and his case? should he? should they? and others in this type situation?
and those who smuggled self? and those who smuggled children over? and those who contribute and work,
pay dues? and Veterans? and how much that should add? and when should or should not deport people?
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Posted 13 November 2013 - 01:34 AM

I'm not sure how I feel about handling illegal immigrants, mainly because the issue is so damn complicated.

But this guy was living legally in the U.S. and served in the military, which puts him in a different category. I would, however, be more inclined to give him a break because he turned his life around.  Why on God's green earth he never followed up on his application for citizenship is a mystery to me. Do they deny citizenship when a criminal record is involved? It seems like a distinct possibility, but the article doesn't really explain it.

I do know they've cracked down in the last decade on immigrants, both legal and illegal, who've committed crimes, even petty ones.  When I was working in special ed we had several instances where a parent left the country to go back to Mexico or Guatemala or wherever and then was not allowed back in the U.S. because of old criminal convictions or warrants, thus separating the family.  It's particularly heartbreaking in the case of children who would receive no special education or appropriate medical care in the parent's country of origin (many Latin and South American countries don't have special ed programs, especially for more severely handicapped children). It fractures the families and leaves one parent (usually the father) unable to enter the country while the rest of the family tries to subsist here so their child can get the help he or she needs.
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