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Getting an "Insecure Connection" warning for Exisle? No worry

Details in this thread

Cryptolocker Malware Virus

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#1 Mark

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Posted 23 November 2013 - 05:18 PM

Mark: http://techtalk.pcpi...ofcryptolocker=


The company behind CryptoLocker is rolling in cash and they are building out the infrastructure of a real enterprise.
CryptoLocker is a polymorphic virus meaning that it escapes the detection methods of almost every security product. PC Matic, though its use of a white list, stands alone in its ability to proactively block CryptoLocker and other polymorphic viruses. That said, PC Matic is a small security player, and will do little to impede CryptoLocker’s trajectory.
So what’s in store?

CryptoLocker will become a household name.

The security industry as a whole adapts glacially to new threats such as CryptoLocker. The reality is that polymorphic viruses have been around for half a decade. The difference is that CryptoLocker’s destruction level, and that it escapes remediation. In one year’s time, CryptoLocker will be a household name, and a profit and loss statement that would make Wall Street drool.

:mad: I found this totally ridiculous! A virus that infects your computer, encrypts your files, and then asks for ransom! The first ransom is asking for $300. If you don't pay, the next asks for $3,000! They said the company behind this virus is rolling in money. I don't understand at all. If they know their is a company using a virus for extortion, why in the heck don't they just arrest the people? It's ridiculous. The NSA can spy on everybody, but not find and bring to justice criminals like this? Why hasn't the FBI come down on this company...and why is the author of this article saying this virus will be a "household name" in one year's time?

...edited to add, also notice how this reputable website I've used before that issued this article just told people to back up their computers on the cloud? I find this suspicious, because I've found the more you store on the cloud, the more money they ask for. Could this be another indicator as to the culprits truly behind the Cryptolocker virus? Why isn't this more "in the news", and why haven't our government put a stop to it already?

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#2 Mooky



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Posted 24 November 2013 - 05:08 PM


Two years ago, online back up was the hot topic, and certainly the rave of the investment community. Unfortunately, many of the online back up solutions are little help against CryptoLocker since the encrypted files are copied to the remote server and the originals are lost when using the lower pricing tiers of these companies.

The best protection is manual backups and then disconnect the drive from the computer after the backup is completed.

Just as I've always maintained, and the best way to do a local backup on either a flash drive, or a USB-powered portable hard drive.

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