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Senator and congress expenses,


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Posted 28 December 2013 - 01:04 PM

just what are you supposed to get anyway?

gov player expenses.


we see headlines on this for UK, and for Can, I have not seen headlines on this in USA, are they less transparent or just not headline worthy like they'r all good and proper?(play well with others?)
I would say there is a straight test, you would not have that cost if you did not do the public's business, you can expense it,

I hear that in UK, they get an expense for a second home if they do not live in London area; not sure how far out is the line; one mile, five? and not sure how much expense, like 'modest flat'?

I hear that if you do a 2nd flat in London area to do the public business, you can expense the rent; but I hear of corruption like charging custom drapes and new custom kitchen put in, and other wild carpentry and extra bath, and 'remodeling' like to the tune of many thousands pounds, when that does not fit 'needed' or 'modest to do the public business'

so in USA, if you win, you start going to Washington like that movie, Mister goes to Washington... what do you expense? if you sell up and straight move to Washington, do you get to expense any part of your new home? or rental flat? if so how much, and what other limits?

if you keep your home in Wisconsin, and rent a flat in Chevy Chase, do you get to expense, limits? modest? lux? more?

if you do any remodeling? did Hillary Clinton get to expense any part of the rather comfy 2nd home she bought in DC? a pretty much lux house home? when she kept the Chappaqua house?

do we hear of outlandish expense headlines in Washpost, or WTTG, or WJLA, or Politico?

_you_ SEE in this CBC piece how the regulation of this in Ottawa is within and secret??

' MPs already post expenses in broad categories covering their office budgets, printing, hospitality costs and use of travel points, but again, with almost no detail.

Yet in June, when the Senate expense scandal was near a boiling point, it seemed the House of Commons was ready to slay its own dragon. The NDP persuaded all MPs to turned their attention towards replacing their closed-door committee for monitoring expenses known as the board of internal economy. The board, or BOIE, is made up of MPs from each party.
The mission was to find some independent body to scrutinize and regulate MPs' expenses

In special hearings, MPs listened to Auditor General Michael Ferguson urge them to allow random audits, "at my discretion," as he put it, of their expenses.
MPs also heard from John Sills of IPSA, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority in the U.K., set up in 2009 after a scandal revealed some British MPs were charging the public for expenses such as moat-cleaning, or were claiming second homes a few miles from their main homes, and then flipping them or renting them out.

Sills explained that IPSA, an organization independent of Parliament, approves MPs' expenses and sets members' pay and pensions. Then it publishes the information — all of it.
' Sills replied that query was what he always called "the exam question." And, he added, "Can you be truly independent if you're in-house?"

In the end, the Conservative majority on the committee recommended keeping the status quo.

MPs will continue having the final, undisclosed word on expenses. Meetings will be held in camera. The Auditor General was shown the door.

Not all MPs went along with preserving the secretive board of internal economy, or shutting out the Auditor General.

_does_ it make sense for Ottawa to have this in-house secret, camera, regulating of the expense on the public books?

IS the UK thing with the independent thing better for the public?

Does the USA have an independent thing for transparency?

Should, because I think they do not yet, the congressmen get to expense mortgage of a modest 2nd house in the DC area if their home is more than say one hundred miles from the Lincoln memorial? or however they gauge and measure these things?

What is the current US rule on expense for a congressman's staff suit and equipment(to set homes aside for a moment) ?

Just how should this stuff be? is this an issue? should it be one?
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