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Nicey nice with France,Barack, Hollande,

diplomacy EU Obama France

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Posted 11 February 2014 - 05:26 PM

I like France. And I like that USA has an ally history with France.

you can read a lot about that in books about Yorktown, with
Rochambeau,like this,

and this awesome book about Lafayette,Clary,Adopted Son,
DWNLD or Library,

Barack Obama is now meeting with the French president at Monticello,


I really liked Monticello when I was there, it has unique design features by a man
who was an inventor besides a thinker, a real intelligencia guy!




I want USA to be close with France, like you see in the quote here,
> The two presidents declared theirs to be the new special relationship, in a joint newspaper column that focused on improved military co-operation between the US and what Washington officials now rarely fail to call America’s “oldest ally”.

It is important that USA have a good friend in EU, not only for good things like chocolat,Napoleons!, eclaires, and holiday spots like this,
http://hotels.expedi...resorts-france/ , and,
http://www.travelpod...z-Biarritz.html , and http://www.biarritz-...tel-le-biarritz , but also http://www.francethi...aces/hyeres.php,
Plus, stuff like this:
French Country Kitchen Decor,
.. another getaway? - http://www.francethi...es-d-hyeres.php -

hey it's a big and dangerous world and USA can use all the friends with benefits....

We had our ups and downs with France, we even had a war with them, what?? a what??
YES, we had a little war with them not long after their revolution, their Directoire,
because they were peeved that we, a nation built upon maritime trade, made up
with, ugh, London?? half-way 'got in bed with' those crazy Brits to make our
livelihoods ....(clipper ships),
http://www.tea.co.uk/tea-clippers , ........... but friends again when so many Americans went over to Paris!,(like in this awesome book i read this past year),


But it is important that USA have a friend in EU, and an ally over there, and like that
quote there can be a closeness and cooperation, allied actions, positions taken and held.

WASHPOST has it here,
> A decade ago, few would have imagined our two countries working so closely together in so many ways. But in recent years our alliance has transformed. Since France’s return to NATO’s military command four years ago and consistent with our continuing commitment to strengthen the NATO- European Union partnership, we have expanded our cooperation across the board. We are sovereign and independent nations that make our decisions based on our respective national interests. Yet we have been able to take our alliance to a new level because our interests and values are so closely aligned.

Rooted in a friendship stretching back more than two centuries, our deepening partnership offers a model for international cooperation. Transnational challenges cannot be met by any one nation alone. More nations must step forward and share the burden and costs of leadership. More nations must meet their responsibilities for upholding global security and peace and advancing freedom and human rights.

Building on the first-step agreement with Iran, we are united with our “P5+1” partners — Britain, Germany, Russia and China — and the E.U. and will meet next week in Vienna to begin discussions aimed at achieving a comprehensive solution that prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. In Syria, our credible threat of force paved the way for the plan to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons; now, Syria must meet its obligations. With the Syrian civil war threatening the stability of the region, including Lebanon, the international community must step up its efforts.. <
USA war with France, read all about it,(and get book from library),






couple pics? check-it this cute ladies toilette set, hey only the French could give
us pretty petit stuff for the hygenetic care!(hover mouse see blowup pic),

photo is Le Midi Riviere, Nice/Antibes area, 'The Med',

(plus,PHOTO, they taught us how to do a kitchen)

;) Cheers


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