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Stargate SG-1: An Eye for an Eye (Series 3.2)

Big Finish Stargate Michael Shanks Claudia Black

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Posted 16 February 2014 - 07:10 PM

Stargate SG-1: An Eye for an Eye, available at that link. (Also, I think, on iTunes, but it's cheaper directly from Big Finish.)

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Picking up from the end of Half Life,Daniel (the real one this time) and Vala have escaped Ba'als ship and are taken aboard the Sun Tzu. They're examined to see if they're really who they say they are (and not just clones) when Vala gets a message from Keto (the one who had the memory device in the previous episode). Keto has arrived on the scene to do some scavenging on the remains of Ba'al's ship. (Ba'al has apparently escaped -- again.) He tells Vala he found something on Ba'al's ship that they might be interested in, and he zips away at ludicrous speed.

Lt. Colonel Yin, commander of the Sun Tzu, is kind of annoyed by all this. He just wants to get them all back to Stargate Command as ordered, but Vala and Daniel and Major Hunter convince him to let them go back aboard Ba'al's ship to see what the heck Keto had discovered.

What they discover is Ba'al, or a clone of Ba'al, left behind when the Goa'uld hightailed it outta there.

The clone is a man named "Aziru," who doesn't have the Ba'al symbiont in his head. He's basically Ba'al before he became a Goa'uld, a humble goat-herder. But he's kind of messed up, because half the time he believes he's Ba'al, and then suddenly Aziru emerges, and he's one confused dude. He remembers his old life and wants to return. Lt. Colonel Yin just wants him locked up so he can be executed, but Daniel and Vala think they can get information out of him, because he might know what Ba'al's big dastardly plan is.

There are a lot of "talking" scenes here, which is fine with this medium, where action is harder to depict. Trying to get through to Aziru, Daniel has a good scene talking about how he felt when the Goa'uld took his wife. And though everyone expects that Vala is going to try to get information out of Aziru by force, instead she has a very touching moment, sharing with Aziru what it was like when she was Katesh.

Unfortunately, Ba'al emerges, takes Vala hostage, and heads for the bridge of the Sun Tzu just as the ship arrives at Earth. He opens a link to all SGC channels and sends a key phrase that will activate all the clones Ba'al has placed in Stargate Command. Then shoots himself.

But Aziru has left them something -- a gate address. And the episode ends with Daniel and Vala deciding they'd better follow up on it and see what's there.


This is a cool episode in the greater saga. Cliff Simon does an excellent job being nasty ol' Ba'al, and then reverting to the confused, sympathetic Aziru. It's that "do we trust him or don't we" dynamic that pushes this episode forward. Both Daniel and Vala have their own highly personal issues with Goa'uld, so that really adds to the dynamic.

I'm liking this series a lot. As I said in the earlier review, it's a shame that the Stargate releases didn't get enough sales to justify a Series 4, because this is really the only way we're going to get more Stargate. And because it's the original actors in their original roles, it feels like real Stargate.

Also makes me want to watch the series through again.
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