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Character Profile thread for Knights of the Five.

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Posted 24 February 2014 - 06:21 PM


Name: Natasha Ohmsford

Age: Nineteen

Species: Hume, female

Profession: Freelance mercenary and adventurer.

Skills: Archery, hunting, survivalist training. She's only received basic training in sword fighting and hand to hand combat but has learnt a great deal through practical, hard experience. Adept field medical training (for the era.) She also has a good knowledge of drugs and poisons. Literate and educated. Lockpicking.

Psionic Skills: None

Physical Description: Slightly taller than average, short blonde hair. Blue eyes and pale skin. She can run a couple miles without stopping and due to her regular usage of weapons she's fairly strong.

Known Family: Parents, Greg and Vicky and a younger sister called Georgia living in the Sandesinan village of Honnleath as farmers and village Guardsman.

Known History: Natasha was born and raised in the Sandesinan village of Honnleath, several miles southeast of Rhalie. The climate is temperate, the land rich and fertile so it's an excellent location for farming. Her mother owns a small farm on the outskirts of town where they raise pigs and chickens. They also grow crops. The Ohmsfords employ two farmhands and are completely self sufficient. They grow/raise most of their food and sell the surplus at the village market. Both children were educated at the village schoolroom.

While Georgia seems like she'll follow her mother's footsteps, Natasha definately takes after her father. She had a wild and adventurous side and was always roaming the forests and plains around Honnleath. When she became strong enough to use a bow and responsible enough to carry a knife and/or shordsword Natasha spent most of her teenage years hunting and bringing in extra meat and hide for her family, getting a cut of the profit each time. Greg taught her the basics of combat that he'd learnt as a village guardsman. But it still wasn't enough.

When she was seventeen Natasha decided she wanted to leave Honnleath and become a roaming mercenary and adventurer. Her parents supported her decision knowing she was too restless to stay. So, just after her eighteenth birthday Natasha packed her travel kit, strapped on her twin knives and bow, donned her chainmail armour and set off to find adventure. For the last year Natasha has been doing jobs for the people she comes across, hunting troublesome bandits or wolf packs, bodyguard work or just plain exploring old ruins and old mines for treasure. She's happy enough with her roaming life but it is about to change... She will choose Fenrore.

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Posted 24 February 2014 - 06:35 PM

And some other NPCs we'll be encountering soon.

Duncan Rivaini = He is 41, dark hair, brown eyes slicked back into a ponytail. He is tall and still muscular. Definitely sharp enough both mentally and physically to be dangerous with just about any weapon. Although Duncan was born and raised in Sandesina, his father comes from the southern deserts of Telmiyar to the west. As a result his skin is quite a few shades darker than average Sandesinans who of course live in a much colder climate. His father is a merchant and his mother an engineer living in another city in Sandesina. His siblings have various other jobs. Duncan knew that he wanted to become a Knight of the Five in service to Seph two or three years before he was old enough to join. His father hired him a trainer who taught him a couple different styles of combat. He also spent considerable time in the local temple of Seph learning and studying from the priests there so by the time he was old enough Duncan was well prepared to sign up with the Order. His training and long preparations served him well. The Divines approved quickly and he passed the Pilgrim's Trials with flying colours. Since then Duncan has travelled all over Sandesina and Dhaska on missions carrying out Seph's divine will. However for the last few months as he starts to slow down a bit his divine assignments have changed to focus almost exclusively on recruiting, guiding Pilgrims and training. This suits him fine as he knows his retirement is only four or five years at most away.

Rica Brosca - Sandesinan Hume female, age 18. Just over average height, red hair blue eyes pale skin. School ends at 16 so for the last few months she's been working as a courier. As a result she's very fit and able to run long distances. She is also trained to fight so she can fend off the odd highwayman on the roads. Child of a working-class factory worker and housewife. She will choose Seph.

Tao Huang - Former Alswyr monk of the Order of Sun and Wind. Defected to Sandesina three years ago. Extensive hand to hand and katana training. His parents are weaving and textile crafters. Asiatic appearance, Jowan-style haircut. He was expelled as a monk after accidentally breaking a Master's leg during competition sparring match. Felt he should start again in another country. He seeks to reconnect with Anotarja and seeks to become a Knight of the Five. He's by far the oldest at age 26. He will choose Anotarja.

Vaughn Kendall - Son of a minor Bann, skirt chaser, chubby, obnoxious. Only joining as part of a silly power game with his more responsible siblings and parents. Lamith will accept his prayer and give him an easy task to accomplish. He'll succeed but the others will fail him. If he had succeeded he would have chosen Kaneea. Looks like DAO Vaughn with light brown hair. He is 22.

Danel Tabris:  (Lamith) - He's a Hume from the Delmi's lower-class neighborhood. He has the basic education everyone gets, no matter their class. His mother is employed by a wealthy family as a cook and his father is a blacksmith. Helping in the blacksmith shop has given him a muscular physique and a knowledge of how weapons and other things are forged. He knows the basics on how to wield a sword and getting into scrapes growing up has given him a passing knowledge of hand to hand. He's 22 years old, with dark brown hair and eyes. He's of average height with the muscular physique of working in the smithy.

Kian: Chatty's character. Age 20. Bio elsewhere. He will choose Kaneea.

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Posted 25 February 2014 - 11:46 AM


Name: Kian Lewis

Species: Elviri

20 years old
Platinum blond hair
Gray eyes
Slender and wiry, very agile and athletic.

Skills: Expert marksman with a bow, very handy with a shortsword and hand to hand.

Psion: He's a fairly good telepath and has psionic lightning. If he has any other skills he's unaware of them.

He was born and raised in the wealthy society in Keltrat. His parents were wealthy and he was educated accordingly. His parents brought him up to respect others. At a young age he was found to have psionic lightning and his parents found him a teacher who taught him how to control it, and the mild telepathy that also manifested at a young age. He was taught how to fight and use weapons while growing up by the guards who guarded their estate. His parents wanted to groom him to take over their boutique, but he was having none of it. He wanted to go out and see the world as an adventurer and left his younger brother Mikael to be groomed instead, who he figured was better suited for what his parents wanted. He left home when he was sixteen with his weapons, a horse and a sizeable amount of money and set out exploring.

Four years later, he's found himself in Delmi, a town he has visited several times and is visiting once again to sell some animal pelts and other things to raise some more money. Finding himself growing bored with simply traveling and itching to do something with his life, he's decided to stick around in Delmi and see what comes up, since it was the closest town to him when he finally decided he'd had enough of being a wanderer.

During that four years, he's fought off bandits, predators, and highwaymen.

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Posted 23 April 2014 - 04:26 PM


Viera Caro

Sandy brown hair
blue eyes
Slightly taller than an average female and a bit muscular

Merchant/rogue. She drives a caravan pulled by a team of horses and has the skills to protect herself on the road. She uses a shortsword for close fighting and a bow for hunting/ranged fighting. She is also good at hand to hand and is very quick and lithe.

She took over the caravan after her parents opened up a shop in their home town of Delmi after deciding the rigors of the road were becoming too dangerous for them and passed the caravan along to her. Now she wanders the roads with her goods for sale or trade and often brings them back things to sell in the shop.

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Posted 23 April 2014 - 05:19 PM

And I've reworked Tao's bio as he's promoted to main character.


Name: Tao Huang.

Age: 26

Species: Hume, male, native to Alswyr.

Physical Description: Of the Alswyran race. (Asiatic appearance. Like the Chinese/Japanese ect.) He has the typical eyelid shape, skintone, brown eyes and thick black hair which is loose and about jaw length. He is a bit above average height for a Hume. He's leanly muscular and strong. As for clothing he prefers Alswyran style clothing but he'll wear whatever is practical.

Skills: Tao is very skilled in martial arts and hand to hand combat after many years of hard training. He is also highly skilled with a range of Alswyran weapons such as the two-handed katana, twin smaller katanas and other native weaponry. He is literate and numerate and well educated. He knows how to hunt and fish along with basic herbal medicines.

Profession: Former monk, now mercenary.

Psionic skills: None.

Known Family: Tao's parents are workers. His mother, Mei Lin is a weaver and his father Jian is a textile crafter. He is the fourth youngest of five children in total. He has two brothers and two sisters plus extended family.

Known History: The Huang family have lived in the mid sized town called Pekang on the western side of Alswyr fairly close to the border with Sandesina. Though they are a long line of crafters it was traditional in that area of Sandesina for families to send one of their offspring to the Temple of Sun and Wind to become a monk and receive coin and blessings for doing so. Since Mei Lin and Jian had five children they decided that they would send Tao to the monastery as soon as he was old enough at age seven. And that was that, three days after his seventh birthday a pair of pale-yellow robed monks arrived at the family house and took him by horseback to the isolated monastery halfway up a mountain in the nearby mountain range.

Tao had mixed feelings about becoming a monk-part of him didn't want to leave his family but another part wanted the training, education and highly respected status being a Monk of Sun and Wind gave him. Though based at the monastery, they travelled all over Alswyr on various missions and business. They worshipped Anotarja and devoted time and prayer to her. As he began his training the doubts faded away and he committed himself to the Order. Tao spent many years as a trainee monk before finally graduating as a full member of the order at age eighteen. Though that changed his life little overall as he continued living there, praying, meditating, studying and sparring whilst maintaining peak physical fitness. Always striving to improve himself. Occasionally he was sent to the neighbouring towns and villages on 'shopping runs' or to look for new recruits or deal with a troublesome threat to the local people.

Tao was utterly content with his life until about two months after his twenty fifth birthday when he accidentally broke an old master's leg whilst sparring-which permanently caused a limp and prevented the old master from ever fighting in martial arts again. He was exiled and banished from the Order of Sun and Wind. This caused great shame to him and every citizen in that region shunned him. Tao was barely able to buy travel supplies, armour, a range of weapons. So within a month he decided to defect to the neighbouring nation of Sandesina where nobody knew him and there were no strict monk traditions to hamper him. So, Tao began to travel and wander across Sandesina working as a mercenary for different employers. He made a very decent living and earned a fair amount of gold. But the life was unsatisfying to him. There were no morals or principles to mercenary work. He began to look for another type of life. As he was travelling the road to Delmi he encountered a pair of knights in shining armour fighting a vicious, huge bear alongside a non-uniformed redheaded female. Without hesitation Tao stepped in and assisted them in killing the aggressive creature. It was then they introduced themselves as Duncan and Temer, Knights of the Five along with their recruit, Rica.

Mention of the Divines piqued Tao's curiousity and asked about them. He was slightly surprised that they actually served the Divines in a real sense rather than just praying to them. He made his decision then and there and asked to join them. He'd spent most of his life worshipping and praying for guidance from Anotarja and to actually serve her as a fighter in her name sounded perfect to him. He asked to join the Knights of the Five. Duncan and Temer accepted his offer and took him to the Knight outpost in Delmi to stay while they collected up other recruits to begin a pilgrimage. Tao has been looking forward to meeting the other pilgrims and beginning his journey...
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Posted 07 June 2017 - 09:26 PM

Two new profiles. First one is Miko's, second one is mine.

Posted Image

Name: Serena Ralth (Ryland when married.)

Species: Hume, female.

Age: 26

Physical Description: Average height and weight for a  hume female. Her skin is pale. She has long blonde hair that reaches to her shoulder blades. She has blue eyes.  She has decent musculature and is quite fit so its clear that she regularly exercises to maintain peak health. Physically she is well built and attracts a fair amount of attention from males. Usually wears loose, comfortable, flexible clothing that doesn't hamper her work.

Psionic abilities:  Basic set of psion skills including telekinesis, telepathy plus the four elements.

Skills: Serena is a literate, numerate, intelligent and very skilled as a doctor. Still Her medical, drugs, herbal remedies, disease control and knowledge of unusual pathologies is impeccable and she knows the medicinal properties of Ariquan and Talmian plants thouroughly. In addition to being a fully qualified and trained physician, Serena is also a City Guard and has all the weapons, knowledge, tactics and physical fitness of any Guardswoman. She is versed in a variety of weapons and a range of light and heavy armour.

Profession: None currently. (Pilgrim as RP progresses.)

Known family: Grandparents, parents, younger sister. Various aunts, uncles and cousins based in various Sandesinan towns.

Known History: Serena was born and raised in Kelstat, one of the bigger  cities in Sandesina. She's the oldest of three children. Her father is a medical doctor and works in Keltstat's hospital. Its presumed that is where she got her medical talents from. Her mother is a craftswoman, helping to craft a wide variety of wooden furniture  So its safe to say Serena had a normal childhood with her family until she came of age as a young woman.

She'd been studying medicine since she was a child and attended medical school-such as it is in Sandesina. She qualified as a doctor and then surprised her family by joining the City Guard. It was they that taught her how to fight and the arts of disclipline.  It was a couple years later during a routine patrol one night where everything changed. Serena and her guard-partner were attack by vampires. They knew what they were doing as they quickly killed her Guard-partner and kidnapped her. They took her to their hidden lair and turned her into a vampirie themselves.

The feral nature took over and she hunted as a normal vampire for a year before the Divine Lamith caught her and transported her to an underground room to serve as a trial to the Pilgrms there. They resisted her charms and were given the choice to cure her or not. They unanimously chose to cure her and Serena was Hume again. After gaining approval from Lamith and Anotarja, Serena has joined the Pilgrims in their journey to become Knights of the Five.


Note: It will be some time before Jason is introduced into the RP, but I wanted to get his bio out

Posted Image

Name: Jason Ryland

Species: Hume, male

Age: 24 (26 in Ariqua)

Physical Description: He's very large and strong. His skin is light, his hair is short, slicked back and a reddish-blond. He has blue eyes. His body is very muscular, attesting to regular hard workouts. He's attracted his fair share of female attention, though he hasn't found THE one for him yet. He likes to wear comfortable clothing that isn't too tight.

Psionic abilities: None.

Skills: He's very intelligent and learned, and his parents gave him the best education they could afford for a middle-class family. He's a very good blacksmith, having learned from a very early age from his father, who is still a blacksmith back home. He joined the city guard at 18 and learned weapons, tactics and defense from them. He is most skilled with heavy armor and a variety of two-handed weapons.

Profession: Knight of the Five

Known Family: Grandparents on both sides, mother, father and one sister. Aunts, uncles and cousins, most of whom live in or around his hometown.

Known History: He was born in Grayrock, a small town to the south of Keltrat. His father is the local blacksmith and his mother is a baker. He has one younger sister, Krysta, who is following in those footsteps. From the time he could pick up a hammer, he learned blacksmithing from his father, then took that knowledge to the city guard at the age of 18. At the age of twenty-two, Seph called out to him to take the Pilgrimage and he became a mortal servant of Seph one month later when his Pilgrimage ended.

Now, about one year after becoming a Knight and serving in one facility for the last year, Seph will be sending him to the last city where our current Pilgrims will take their last trial. He'll be puzzled as to why he was sent there, until he meets Serena, that is.

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