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China editorial, put-down, USambassador,

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Posted 28 February 2014 - 03:43 PM

Just in the way of press commentary,

anyone see this?

China,editorial,DOH! on departing ambassador-
maybe backed by a real gov bureau, pseudomym?, a play on the Mao thing from 1949,

rather smarmy and undiplomatic, jjyah! ya think?(didnt include the name-calling words,
the slurs, you can see for yerself)
' Wang belittled Locke's inability to speak his ancestral language and accused him of failing to understand China's law but fanning "evil winds" in the ethnically sensitive regions of Tibet and Xinjiang.

"Not only did he run around by himself, he even served as a guide dog for the blind when he took in the so-called blind rights lawyer Chen Guangcheng and led him running," the editorial said. Chen later was allowed to leave China and now lives in the United States.

The editorial made a malicious Chinese curse at Locke, suggesting Locke's Chinese ancestors would expel him from the family clan should they know his behaviors.
I do like how commentary in the country opposes it,
' Another commentator Fastop Liu, known for his sharp tongue, said the piece is ungraceful. "When you call him a plague, you become a national shame as you lack diplomatic etiquette, damage the manner of a great power, and lose the face of all Chinese," Liu wrote.

' "I think it shows the unfriendliness and impoliteness by the Chinese government toward Gary Locke, and it is without the manners and dignity of a major power," legal scholar Hao Jinsong said. "It is unfitting of China's status as a diplomatic power. As a Chinese, I am very angry and feel ashamed of it."
tiny add here,
the... White house cinema!(slideshow)

OK, personal disclaimer, I cant act like I dont know who is Gary Locke, he was my governator for some years, county executive first then governator, WA, so yeah I know who he is and what he's like, didnt agree with everything but overall he is 'good people' and even if he werent would he deserve such
smarmy ridiculous print, name-calling? oh hey it's just 'Them' being weird, like Duh, what can you expect?
;) but, good thing we dont have that crass level of name-calling in our press- erm, or do we?
"(Do you read what they say online?) I check out all these scandalous rumours about me and Elijah Wood having beautiful sex with each other ... (are they true?) About Elijah and me being boyfriend and boyfriend? Absolutely true. We've been together for about nine years. I wooed him. No I just like a lot of stuff - I like that someone says one thing and it becomes fact. It's kind of fun." --Dominic Monaghan in a phone interview with Newsweek while buying DVDs at the store. :D

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