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Getting an "Insecure Connection" warning for Exisle? No worry

Details in this thread

keep running XP

XP virtual

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#1 offworlder


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Posted 12 April 2014 - 06:36 PM

.. if you like.. here's a way-

now my eye catches headlines about XP since I'm still running it, a unit too old for the win 8

but yes you can still keep running the xp, and not worry bout the support and the security vulnerabilities,
if you run it- in win8

here is a nice piece about it,


find your xp license-
mine is a decal inside the front panel door on the machine(Alien 51) , your might be just inside the
case panel? or taped inside cover of your owner manual? keep the books and cards in a file folder in
your desk? or keep em in a binder on your bookshelf? wherever, you need license.

and get the xp mode emulator thing

> ..free Windows XP mode emulator that unfortunately only works on Windows 7 Pro and above but that can still run onWindows 8 with just a few workarounds. Once you download Windows XP mode, youíll have to choose a new virtual machine monitor (VMM) to run the program and The Registersays both the VMWare Player and Oracleís Virtual Box ..

.. instructions for how to get XP up and running on Windows 8 over at The Register by clicking on the source link below. The publication says that its solution to porting XP to Windows 8 isnít perfect, but beggars canít exactly be choosers ..


so be protected from malware, in your xp, inside your win 8 :harper:
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#2 Zanthra

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Posted 23 April 2014 - 12:18 AM

This is a very limited Malware Protection.  Windows 8 has no recognition of the guest operating system, cannot do any virus or malware scans on it, or any of the programs executing on it.  It cannot provide access control restrictions with UAC.  It cannot block bad websites, or any other sort of attack.  Honestly I am not really sure what malware protection they believe running it in a Virual Machine can provide, except perhaps for the fact that it's likely to be used less as a Virtual Machine (especially for more risky stuff like Web Browsing and E-Mail) than as the main Operating System, and therefore have less exposure.

It's also rather interesting to me that they mention VMWare Player and Virtual Box, but they don't mention that if you have Windows 8 Pro, you have Microsoft's own Client Hyper-V they distribute with Windows 8 Pro through the "Turn Windows feature on or off" menu.

If you need to run an old program that does not run on Windows 8, pull up XP to use it, and shut it down again after, this provides protection in the same way as booting your old Windows XP machine only while using that program would.  That is unless you get into more complicated things like making snapshots and rolling the disk back after each session.

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#3 Mooky



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Posted 23 April 2014 - 01:01 PM

Well, I am running XP, but not within Windows 8.  The more I tried to get used to Windows 8 (in "Metro" mode), the more I came to dislike it, so I'm back to running XP Pro (OEM version that came with my PC) as the only OS on my PC.  The security vulnerabilities don't bother me much as I'm using the latest versions of Firefox and Avast, and I don't keep any sensitive info. on my PC.

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#4 Chakoteya


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Posted 24 April 2014 - 11:44 AM

Well, I'm still running XP on my other machine. The one that doesn't connect to to the internet any more, after its final updates the day before MS's deadline. Should be safe until the hard drive finally packs up, by which time I hopefully won't be so reliant on the pieces of software that won't run on 7. (I have no intention of touching 8, ghastly thing.)

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