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Atomic Sunrise 2014 Profile Thread

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Posted 12 July 2014 - 06:27 PM

(Returning players, please update your characters' ages by one year since that much time has passed :)).

Name: Sophie Drake
Race: Mutated Human
Marital Status: Widowed: met her husband when she was 20, he was killed when she was 28. Currently in a relationship with Ishmael Vere.
Ht: 5’8”
Wt: 135
Age: 34 (looks a little older than in the picture)
Eyes: Hazel green
Hair: Auburn red, long to middle of back, thick, masses of curls. Usually pulled back into a thick ponytail, but sections are always coming loose.

Scars/ Birth Marks/ Tattoos/Mutations: Skeletal reinforcement: Her bones are more resilient, allowing her to withstand greater amounts of punishment when in a fight or in any physical situations. Elasticity: Although this is very unnerving to see her perform, she can bend and twist her body in unnatural ways and squeeze through very tight spaces.

Body Build/Other Distinguishing Features: Slender but strong, well-defined muscles from general life after the apocalypse; also the skeletal reinforcement allows her to be slender but still strong.

Profession: Former leader of the settlement, now leads the group on the road although she has plenty of help and the group works together. But at the end of the day, she takes responsibility and carries the weight of everything on her shoulder as if everything is her “fault”. Also helps with hunting, scavenging, and guarding near the vehicles.

Known Skills: Computers learned from her father; escape artist (due to elasticity mutation); can be intimidating through her temper (not her looks), but she tries to control it around the group; enjoys dancing by her self or with others and learned steps from others and books (there’s not much in the way of music except what is created by people but there were recordings on the settlement's computers); Literate, can read and write English.

She can ride horses competently, operate a motorcycle and has learned to drive the trucks although it still makes her very nervous to do so. She can tumble and other gymnastic moves, competent with guns, and can hold her own in a fight. Mostly her temper gets her going and she can really pound on someone, especially with a long, blunt object.

Birth Place: Born in a mountain settlement in what used to be Colorado.

Relatives: All are dead except her 75 year old father who’s getting older and worn down these days. Has a brother-in-law, Razor.

Known History: Sophie’s father and paternal grandfather escaped dying from the apocalypse in the original state of California. Sophie’s grandfather, Kenneth Drake, was a hardworking farmer, while her father, Conner Drake, was the first in the family to have just graduated from college as a computer programmer. Kenneth was 44 and his son 24 at the time of the beginning of the end. With their immediate family dead, the two men made the decision to reach what was Colorado where more of their family, hopefully, still survived.

Within the next five years they made their way across the states, picking up others as they went until they reached Colorado. One day while exploring the small mountain range nearby, several in the group came across a veritable oasis in the near wasteland in which they were living. Within a short period of time, the entire group had relocated to the green and mostly healthy land, unable to explain the near perfect quality of the land. With Kenneth and Conner as the leaders, along with an advisory council, the people scavenged supplies from Blue Mesa, a nearby nearly destroyed city, and wherever else they could find useful materials.

Five years later they discovered a subterranean military facility directly beneath them and knew they had found a technologically advance part of the past. The inhabitants guarded this secret with their lives.

Sophie was born into the harsh new world when Conner was 40 and her mother Annie Tiernay was 30. Unfortunately, Annie had been exposed to a great deal of radiation and only lived to see her child’s fifth birthday.

Sophie grew up to become leader of the settlement, although she had plenty of help and advice from her father and the other older members. She fell in love, married, and then tragically lost her husband to Marauders. Then life turned upside down for Sophie and everyone at the settlement. She met and fell in love with a seaman turned trader, Ishmael Vere, and she possibly caused the settlement to explode and kill a great many of the inhabitants. With the fusion reactor that had powered the facility for over 50 years (if not longer) running out of power, those that were left alive were forced to take to the road in four high-tech semi-trucks (plus one for livestock) that had been recently discovered. They took all the supplies with them that they could, and a new adventure and life began for Sophie.

* * * *

Conner Drake:

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Posted 12 July 2014 - 06:34 PM

(Changed picture, too!)

Name: Razor (Charles Duncan)
Race: Mutated Human
Marital Status: Single
Ht: 6’3”
Wt: 185
Age: 33
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Keeps shaved using a straight razor. Also has mustache and goatee.

Scars/ Birth Marks/Tattoos: Slash down his back. One on right thigh that can hurt sometimes as it is deep. Also has a cover up tattoo on his right bicep. The design, done in black by Ishmael over long, laborious hours covered up a three-eyed, horrific looking skull that had been forced upon Razor during his past.

Mutations: Fangs/Venomous bite – natural bite attack injects poison into victim’s bloodstream; Forked tongue – like that of a snake, regular sized and slightly split but enough to be noticed if one looks carefully.(His mother was bitten by a radiation poisoned, venomous snake; and although she was saved, the poison mutated her genes which was passed on to Razor. Then genetic experiments were performed on him as a young child resulting in the snake-like mutations.)

Body Build/Other Distinguishing Features: Somewhat large build and muscular, but he's lost some weight since being on the road the past several months.

Profession: Can do structural and mechanical repairs to the vehicles with which his group travels, as well as build shelters or whatever is needed out of what he can scavenge. Sophie used to want him to be the official “second” leader when they lived in the settlement, but he refused for so long that she gave up. He helps her out in any way he can, though; and is happier that she turns more to Ishmael for advice and strength, as well as her father.

He also helps with hunting, finding food, and guarding the group.

Known Skills: Skilled in melee weapon fighting/hand to hand fighting; close-range shooting; mechanical and structural repairs; and basic martial arts. Weapons: Locking, one-handed opening 5”straight razor; Baretta autoloader, automatic firing handgun; various higher-tech weapons that were found in the underground facility before they left their destroyed settlement.

Birth Place: What used to be the “south.”

Relatives: Sophie is his sister-in-law. His pregnant girlfriend remained with friends in a town they stayed at for awhile.

Known History: Razor and his brother, Kurt escaped a mutant warlord on the West Coast when they were in their late teens. Razor had been forced into the Riders of the Glow, a bunch of mutant thugs who did the dirty work for the warlord. They left behind their mother and father who were being forced to work in highly technical jobs for the warlord.
They arrived at the original settlement after they'd been spotted alone in the city of Blue Mesa by a salvage team from the settlement in a fight with some city dwellers. The two young men were invited to stay at the settlement and became an integral part of the small society. They kept most of their past to themselves and eventually only told Sophie and her father.

Razor’s older brother Kurt eventually married Sophie Drake. In the eight years they were married, Razor grew to love Sophie as his sister and was fiercely protective of her…and his brother. Razor was more of a fighter/warrior type than Kurt, although the older brother could inflict some damage on an enemy. Sophie always jokingly told Razor to keep her husband safe when they “went out.” And he did.

One night, five years ago now, a situation got out of hand and Kurt was viciously killed. Wracked with unbearable guilt, Razor carried his brother home to the new widow and swore he’d never forgive himself. He knew his sister-in-law didn’t blame him, but Razor still never lets himself forget.

And now he's moved on without his pregnant girlfriend, Alexie. She'd been having complications and decided it was best for her to remain in one of the better towns they passed though, along with others of their group. But Sophie had already made it clear she needed him. After an argument, he made a decision that would forever haunt him—he left with Sophie, Isabella, Ishmael, and the others as he felt the group needed his protection and skills. He promised to return as soon as the group was settled somewhere safe. Now he's wracked with guilt for leaving but also for feeling relief in some ways. He rarely talks about his decision and has become more moody and bossy sometimes.

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Posted 13 July 2014 - 05:32 AM

Name: Amet
Race: Human
Martial: Single
Height: 8ft
Weight: 280lbs
Age: 19
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Short black hair that becomes ravenous fuzz threatening to engulf his head and face if left untamed.

Scars/ Birth Marks/Tattoos: Several scars on arms and legs from animal bites. A particularly large set of teeth wrapped round one of his thighs at some point.

Mutations: Enlarged Form, Webbed Fingers, Gills

Body Build/Other Distinguishing Features: Amet is a giant. He stands several feet over most people. His arms and legs are thick and muscular. Long gills can be seen running from behind his ears down the side of his neck. His hands are like large spades, an imaged reinforced by the webbing between each finger. Broad of shoulder to match his impressive height.

Profession: Amet has no training though he has clearly "adapted" well to life on the river. He is used to hunting and catching his food especially in an aquatic environment. His size and strength lend him to assisting others some tasks. While not trained his size makes him a formidable melee combatant.

Known Skills: Strong swimmer, hunter, cook & pack mule.

Weapons: 6 short spears for throwing and an 8' long spear with a thick haft and metal spearhead.

Birth Place: Somewhere east of the Mississippi river. It was a long time ago and he couldn't find his way back if he wanted to.

Relatives: Amet can only assume his family passed away when they were separated.

Known History: Having grown up in a village that remained as quiet and hidden for a long period of time his childhood was as idyllic as possible in the years since the war. This was not a life without conflict but a life where due to the hidden nature of home most people could sleep at night. He spent most of his time fishing as his gills and webbed fingers make him an extremely powerful swimmer capable of catching some of the larger fish capable of feeding a family. Amet's family was forced to move when the small encampment was found by marauders. Even though the family fled Amet was the only one to escape by swimming across the Mississippi river.

Amet has lived with several communities since abandoning his home and has seen some of the best and worst rise to the fore in what is left of the world. Each encounter with those who would hold their power over others has led him to move on as soon as possible and seek more amiable companions.

He joined the group around 3 weeks ago. He was staying at a small village which while not hostile was wary of outsiders and found Amet to be intimidating. The villagers were unprepared to ask him to leave but were banding together to force him in to the outside world. Myka intervened and pleaded with Sophie to allow him to travel with them for a while.

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Posted 13 July 2014 - 08:48 AM

Myka Atomic Sunrise2.jpg
Name: Myka Reed (at least that's what she says her last name is as she has used so many different ones)
Race: Mutant
Marital Status: Very much single (who would ever have her anyway)
Ht: 5'6"
Wt: 110ish, very thin at the moment
Age: 17
Eyes: Green
Hair: Long, straight, reddish auburn
Complexion: (see mutations)

Scars/ Birth Marks/Tattoos/Mutations: Myka is severely mutated, freakishly so according to her:
Unnatural skin: Hues of gray, pink, lavender.
Scaly skin: Has small, scaly patches on hands, fingers, arms, shoulders, forehead and face, and all over her body.
Horns: Bones in her head grew out as pointed horns, two on the side and one from her forehead, pointed slightly backwards (the only positive is that she's learned to use them as weapons).
Wall crawler: Has tiny barbs on her hands and feet to facilitate climbing, and her fingers and toes secrete a transparent adhesive that allows her to cling to smooth surfaces. Must be barefoot and have bare hands to climb, although she can climb normally as well.
Also her ears grew abnormally long and pointed, and her fingernails are more like sharp claws. Has a few scars from various "mishaps" and times of being tortured.

Body Build/Other Distinguishing Features: Slender, small boned, looks fragile but she's fast and nimble to help her flee trouble.

Profession: Getting into trouble, messes, and scrapes...and barely getting out alive.

Known Skills: A bit of this and that, whatever helped her to survive, especially climbing, leaping, jumping, swinging, etc. These are not mutations but just physical skills she has developed.

Birth Place: Nearer the East, where the radioactive damage was the worst.

Relatives: None living that she knows of as her family abandoned her as a young child.

Known History: Myka was born in the "East"...near the devastated lands, the wastelands, seventeen years ago; then abandoned by her also mutated arents at age 9. Or perhaps they'd died, she just knows she never saw them again. She was heavily exposed to radiation in the womb and after her birth. She survived by hooking up with whoever would have her, which resulted in some bad experiences, but also some very interesting ones. Myka has bits of various skills but was never around long enough to master anything. She is good at spying, though, and sneaking around quietly, as well as surviving.

Myka has a problem with getting into trouble and dangerous situations and isn't sure how she's managed to survive all these years. She has a rather carefree attitude and always expects she is going to die "this time"; but at the same time tries her hardest to survive just for the hell of it.

She can be sassy and blunt and sometimes "rude"; although she doesn't mean to be and is quick to apologize. She thinks she's a "mess"--messed up looks, messed up life--and just wishes she were pretty and "normal". Myka knows she'll never find anyone to love her and accepts this without being bitter. She's realistic and resigned, but usually in good spirits despite her troubles.

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Posted 13 July 2014 - 11:34 AM

Just putting my pictures here for now...I will add the profiles a little later.

Isabella has had a hair cut, all that long hair was impractical ;)


Doctor Isabella Blackwell

trained by her grandfather Joseph Byrne.

Race: Human....only one minor mutation which she usually disregards as a 'sixth sense' - Danger sense - a mild form of precognition that warns her of an impending attack.

Marital Status: single
Ht: 5ft 6
Wt: 130lbs
Age: 31
Eyes: blue
Hair: pale blonde, almost white...she has recently cut off her long hair as she found it impractical.
Scars/ Birth Marks/ Tattoos/Mutations: scars on abdomen from an emergency apendectomy when she was 11.
Body Build/Other Distinguishing Features: athletic
Profession: Doctor
Known Skills: medicine
Birth Place: the settlement
Relatives: grandfather Joseph Byrne one of the original settlers.
Known History: mother died in childbirth, father unknown. no siblings that she is aware of. Originally wanted to be part of the security team guarding the settlement, but her grandfather convinced her that she had natural talent as a healer, so she chose to study medicine


Joseph Byrne now in his 80's, originally from Poland he travelled to the US to practice medicine..once a respected surgeon now retired...taught Isabella everything she knows about medicine. Spends most of his time with Conner Drake, bickering and playing chess.

Nemo - he's grown up a little :D

Name: Nemo
Race: Human/mutant (minor mutations) :-
Pheromone attraction – can regulate the production of pheromones in your body and release them at will, altering the mood of nearby creatures
Darkvision – can see in total darkness out to 60 feet, black and white only
Marital Status: Single
Ht: just over 6ft and still growing
Wt: since being rescued he has filled out, he is still lean but filling out nicely.
Age: 17/18 - approx [no-one knows exactly when he was born]
Eyes: green
Hair: light brown
Complexion: tanned.
Scars/ Birth Marks/ Tattoos/Mutations: Dragon tattoo on his wrist where he was branded. Numerous scars from the constant beatings.
Profession: he looks after the livestock and is learning veterinary skills.
Known Skills: He can talk to the animals, only domesticated animals [and the pack mule ;)]
Birth Place: Unknown
Relatives: Mother and father dead, killed by marauders when Nemo was 4 or 5, no known relatives
Known History: He doesn't remember life before the Dragons. His life began when he joined his new family.

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Posted 13 July 2014 - 02:47 PM

(We won't see Reno all that often because having an android would just make things way too easy sometimes :wink:. Although he will be sitting deactivated in the black Command truck's trailer (secured safely to a chair) because that won't be creepy at all!)

Name: Reno (Repair Entity Number One) Series Six Android
Race: None, Android
Ht: 5’9”
Wt: Heavy!
Age: Built about 55 years ago, before the apocalypse
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Bald
Body Build/Other Distinguishing Features: Average body build fashioned after a human.

Profession: Built to repair the Worthington Armed Replicant Androids the were meant to fight the war over fifty years ago. Now he is mostly deactivated to preserve his battery and keep him out of the hands of Marauders and others.

Birth Place:The twin lab to the settlement’s underground facility, located on the other side of the mountain range.

Known History: Reno was originally built as a repair android for the warriordroids that were to be used by the former United States of America as a defense against the coming war. Something activated their programs about fifty years after they’d been shut down upon the coming of the apocalypse, and they all woke up. Reno helped to save the lives of Sophie and her team. With new directives the android now accepts Conner as his programmer. He was taken back to the settlement to keep him from becoming a weapon for others.

Reno adjusted to living with humans and continued to learn on a daily basis while at the settlement. He accepted orders from the leaders of the settlement and the team who found him. One of his directives is to protect. Reno won’t take orders from anyone that doesn’t serve the group his is with. He allowed Conner and his former assistant to “study” him as he knew they wouldn't harm him. Reno is also programmed to protect himself by any means necessary.

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Posted 13 July 2014 - 08:33 PM

Posted Image

Name: Ishmael Vere

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Marital Status: Widower. Currently in a romantic relationship with Sophie Drake.

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 215

Age: 40

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Salt and pepper gray, shoulder length, usually worn clubbed. Also has a neatly trimmed beard.

Distinguishing Marks/Features: Ishmael's arms and legs bear several tattoos, a legacy of his sailing heritage. Two of the most notable are the head and shoulders portrait of his late wife that adorns his left arm from shoulder to elbow and the wedding band tattooed around his left ring finger. He also has flogging scars on his back and walks with a slight limp. Gold loop in left ear.

Mutation: Direction sense: When awake can always perceive true north. He perceives magnetic north and has the training and experience to correct for both declination and local deviation and locate true north. His direction sense can be disrupted by locally-produced magnetic fields of sufficient strength, but anything capable of that has to be artificially produced and either be or have been created out of pre-war technology.

Body Build: Tall and rangy, with muscles built over a lifetime of physical labor.

Known skills: Skilled melee fighter and brawler, trader, navigator, purser,1 literate, speaks several languages with varying degrees of fluency. Basic mechanical and carpentry skills. Excellent climber with a superb sense of balance.

Weapons: Cutlass, .455 caliber Webley Mark VI Break-Top Revolver. Ishmael also has a heavy ironwood walking stick/cane that he uses for those times when he either cannot carry a more obvious weapon or wishes to appear less dangerous to a potential foe. He will often exaggerate his limp when he does this.

Birthplace: The brig Nancy Grace, off the Cape of Good Hope.

Background: When the bombs fell many of the world's tall ships had been in or near the port of Kingston, Jamaica for a celebration no one can now recall. This proved to be a fortuitous coincidence since the scarcity of fuel in the post-apocalyptic world means any sort of trans-oceanic trade and communications is now prohibitively expensive, if not outright impossible, for a motorized vessel. Many of the larger ships that survived (e.g. super-tankers, aircraft carriers and the like) have either since been broken up for scrap or are now permanently moored and are little more than floating buildings, serving as dormitories, warehouses and the like. Smaller motorized vessels were either broken up as well or, where possible, converted to sail.

The captains of these vessels organized themselves into The Right Honourable League of Merchants and Mariners, commonly called simply The League, and sought to establish a monopoly on world commerce, especially the lucrative spice trade. But the great distances involved, lack of easy communication and fiercely independent spirit of many of the captains and crews has since split the original League into four daughter leagues that both compete and cooperate with each other, depending on which is most advantageous at any given time. During one period of intense competition with a rival league Ishmael was captured, receiving the flogging scars on his back after an unsuccessful escape attempt.

Ishmael was born as his mother's ship rounded the Cape of Good Hope in the teeth of a howling gale. He grew up on the island of Jamaica and went to sea at a young age, working his way up from waister2 to topman.3 It was at this point that he met Yemanja,4 another topman, during a multi-ship raid on a nest of pirates that had been preying on ships from both Ishmael's Jamaican League and Yemanja's League of Sri Lanka. The two married shortly afterwards and both sailors began their training as deck officers on various ships, eventually earning their Master's tickets.5

They were able to get financial backing to purchase a small sloop-rigged cutter and planned to start both their own merchant business and a family. However the cutter needed major repairs, and they decided that Ishmael would stay in Valaparaiso to monitor the repairs while Yemanja shipped out as first mate on the convert barkentine City of Norlins to earn some money, returning in about six months. Approximately four months later, the City of Norlins was lost with all hands in a South Atlantic gale.

Ishmael made several trading voyages, ending up in Galveston Bay, where he abruptly paid off the crew. He sold the cutter and most of its cargo, sending the proceeds to the people who had originally backed his and Yemanja's purchase of the vessel.

He then joined one of the regular trading caravans that operate between the coastal settlements and the inland settlements as an independent merchant, eventually meeting up with Razor, who took him back to the settlement and introduced him to Sophie.


1) Person responsible for handling money aboard ship.
2) Sailors who worked on the deck of the ship, usually the least experienced and/or least agile of the crew.
3) Sailors who worked in the rigging of the ship, usually the most experienced and agile of the crew.
4) Pronounced Yeh-mahn-yah.
5) Meaning they were qualified to command a ship. In most modern vessels both the Captain and the First Mate will hold Master's tickets.
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Posted 14 July 2014 - 09:40 PM

View PostRaeven, on 13 July 2014 - 11:34 AM, said:

Nemo - he's grown up a little :D
I approve. :angel:

* * * * *

Now! Some NPC background while we wait for the rest of the profiles...
NPC guards: They will always be around in the background. If you want to use them, feel free...call them “the guard” (they won't be offended ;)) or choose one and use his name. I'm making some notes about them just to flesh them out but not be too specific. They are all proficient at basic fighting and weapons and will have specialized skills (if we need to define them), as well as being alert and efficient guards (...most of the time, everyone gets caught off guard now and then :wink:). Might as well make them multi-dimensional since I love creating characters ;).

Guard Wynn.JPG
In a normal would would have been: A bodyguard
Motivation: Survival of himself and those he cares for
Traits: Follower of those he respects, Mysterious, Suspicious of anyone not in the group, Loyal

In Portersville as the settlement inhabitants were dropping of those that wanted to stay, Wynn was awaiting a "trial" for something he was falsely accused of--there was no shred of evidence. Since Sophie and Isabella knew him well, they bargained for him to be released if they would take him with them. Wynn agreed willingly. He's not very social as he's never been good with interacting with people so he feels awkward. He can be gruff and seemingly grouchy; although he's very loyal and likes the people in the group. He does what he can to help the group survive even when they don't realize it.

Guard Abel.JPG
In a normal world would have been: A teacher
Motivation: Knowledge for it's own sake and passing on
Traits: Polite, Humorous, Logical, Skeptical

He's was a guard and unofficial "teacher" in the settlement. He'd always been single but lost friends. He knew the only way he was going to learn about the world was to see it for himself and so continued his job when the group took off in the trucks.

Guard Dmitri.JPG
In a normal world would have been: An adventurer
Motivation in life: Seeing the world and making it a better place
Traits: Curious, Cheerful, Talkative, Friendly but cautious

He came from a group who traveled from the north eastern area (not all the way to the east coast) where the people had begun to mutate to blend in and survive in the snow and cold. Despite being older he's physically fit and able to perform as a guard. He and his wife had come to the settlement when they were young but she'd died years before the explosion. Dimitri had always wanted adventure and so came with the group as a guard. He has a good sense of humor and a good storyteller but wary and alert to danger.

Guard John.JPG
In a normal world would have been: A loyal soldier
Motivation: Helping others
Traits: Fiercely Protective, Humble, Kind, Quiet/Introverted,

Ishmael had been out trading with John when the settlement blew up. When they returned home to the sight of the explosion, John learned his entire family, his wife (Shannon) and four children (Jim, Katie, Heidi, and Paul), had been killed. He decided to remain with the group after they left the settlement as he had nothing to keep him with those who stayed in Portersville or anywhere along the way. He's still heartbroken and doesn't talk much about what happened (except perhaps to ishmael); but helping the group helps him, too.

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Posted 08 August 2014 - 07:57 AM

Character on hold for now!!!!

Name: Emelyn Munro ("Emme")
Race: White (but NOT pasty white)
Marital Status: None, she is asexual
Ht: 5'10"
Wt: 150 lbs
Age: 25
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Reddish brown (more red than that description sounds like, but not a redhead)

Scars/Birth Marks/Tattoos/Mutations: Scars on her back and torso from plain old living. Two knife wound scars on her torso and some burn scarring on her back from being burned out of her home (in the past). She is heavily tattooed on her chest, arms, and lower back. Her only mutations are that she is asexual, she has strength and speed, and she has an incredible sense of smell. Emme identifies as a female, but she has no breasts or internal female genitalia. She does, however, have female plumbing which is why she identifies as a female.

Body Build/Other Distinguishing Features: She's fairly tall, and has some muscle but isn't overweight. She's fast and strong...really fast.

Profession: Mostly just a survivor. A jack of many trades, and a master of none. She's useful in projects where a group is needed to be successful; otherwise, she's best at security and combat.

Known Skills: Weapons expert; good at constructions and both engineering and building fortifications. A strategist but with no formal training, just what she has learned surviving. Resourceful, knows how to barter.

Birth Place: To be determined

Relatives: None

Known History: (Still in progress) Somewhat secretive and has major trust issues, and attachment issues. She's not always a people person.

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Posted 17 August 2014 - 04:30 PM

Name:   Alexander
Race:   Mutant, probably caucasian
Marital Status:   Unmarried, but with a long-term domestic partner (Ranesha)
Ht:   6 feet
Wt:   110 lbs soaking wet
Age:   Somewhere in the neighborhood of 50
Eyes: Sky blue
Hair: Nonexistant

Scars/ Birth Marks/ Tattoos/Mutations: Alexander has an oversized cranium that houses an oversized brain (although his face his normal sized).   He has six fingers on each hand (six toes on each foot, too).  If you think of how "future man" was depicted in shows like The Outer Limits or in comic books back in the 60s, that's him.  He does not appear to have the super-intelligence normally associated with a future man, however.

Body Build/Other Distinguishing Features:  Alexander is very thin and pale.

Profession: None known.  He appears to be a vagrant.

Known Skills: None.  He appears to be very simple, possibly retarded.

Birth Place:  Northampton, MA

Relatives:  None known.

Known History:  It's a pretty big mystery at the moment.
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Robotic-Implanted Human (Ripper):

Is a human brain implanted in a mechanical suit, which is constructed of a radiation and electromagnetic-shielded alloy, designed to maintain Human life well past the cataclysm. The mechanical frame is self-sufficient, providing nourishment to the implanted brain. Its is also tough, yet sensitive to simuli (touch, sight, hearing); however he cannot smell or taste. He has no need for food or warmth or other human needs beyond resting.

Was a 48 year old university professor of psychology/sociology at a top college, incredibly smart, ex-military psychologist, and worked with the government as well. (Would now be 99 if he was still human).

He has various disadvantages despite his appearance.

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Official GM announcement: This is just to say that for the foreseeable future, I won't be including any new players for the Atomic Sunrise series of games.

But any other games I might start would be open to all! :)

And, new players/games are always welcome if you'd like to try your hand at GM'ing your own game. Even bringing players with you would be great, so long as all the rules of the games and forum are followed. We'd love to see new games :). There are two threads that are pinned on the main Roleplaying page that will explain; and you can always PM me for any other info.

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Dept 7 agent9.JPG

Name: Cassidy (Cassie) Garrett
Race: Pure strain human/cybernetic enchancements
Marital Status: Single
Ht: 5'7"
Wt: 130
Age: 26
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown, short with sort of bangs

Scars/ Birth Marks/ Tattoos: Has scars on her right shoulder from cybernetic surgery to replace her arm with a cyberlimb made with a light metal covering with a blade that can eject into her hand. This gives her extra strength just in her right arm and hand. Her right eye was replaced by a cyberoptic with an optic screen inside her eye cavity. Has a nanocomputer in her brain and cytronic circuitry systems weaved in with her own body to control both. Has both a NIJack port and a wireless NIJack (neural interface) under her hair/inside her neck to download anything recorded back at Department 7.

Mutations: None, her parents escaped the altering effects of nuclear radiation, and she is a Pure strain.

Body Build/Other Distinguishing Features: Slim but strong; toned and athletic. No other distinguishing features that are out of the ordinary so long as she keeps her right arm and hand covered. Usually wears leather gloves.

Profession: Department 7 Agent, partners with Rex Madsen for the past five years.

Known Skills: Demolitions/Explosives (carries a demolition kit when she thinks it might be necessary); Drive vehicles; Gather information/Investigate/Search; Diplomacy; Knowledge of the current apocalyptic world and the past; Move silently/Balance; Climb; Read/Write; Survival; Treat injury (both should know and carry portable kits)

Stick fighting (has several pairs); general fighting skills; weapons (tbd)

Birth Place: The Department 7 underground vault, in what used to be the state of Utah in the United States.

Relatives:  Vivianne Raines/Grandmother, 72: Current Director of Department 7; Wayne Garrett/Father, 56: lead doctor, specializing in cybernetics thanks to Joseph and Conner's work; Kate Garrett/Mother, 53 (not sure yet); Naomi/Sister, 31 (not sure if she's married or not): works in hydroponics.

Known History: Was born in the vault to the daughter of the former Assistant to the Director, who is now the Director (after the death of the previous one 30 years ago, coincidentally, just before they reopened the vault). Cassie's mother (who has a twin brother not seen for awhile) was two years old at the time of the war, and the two children were at the vault with their mother when fighting broke out. They never left after that, losing everything on the outside.

After her parents grew up and married, Cassie was born five years after her sister. She was born a Pure-strain human and became an Agent at 17 due to an extreme sense of adventurousness and inability to remain "locked up". After an accident out in the world at 20, Cassie's right arm and eye were replaced by various cybertech (see above), which she has used for the past six years. Five years ago she became partners and friends with Rex Madsen.

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Dept 7 agent10.JPG

Name: Rex Madsen
Race: Human, Mutated
Marital Status: Single
Ht: 6'1'
Wt: 175
Age: 41
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Brown, with golden and grey ‘highlights

Scars / Birth Marks / Tattoos : numerous small scars, nothing of note.

Mutations: Blindsight – using non-visual senses, such as vibrations, smell, hearing etc can perceive things he can’t see – up to about 15 foot range. Blindsight also works under water.

Leaper - has the ability to leap long distances.  

Body Build/Other Distinguishing Features : lean, muscular, honed from years of training and working in the field.

Profession : Department 7 Agent, partners with Cassidy (Cassie) Garrett for the past five years.

Known Skills: extremely proficient in many form of martial arts and most weapons, swimming, climbing, driving, riding (motorbikes and horses), reading, writing, field med knowledge and good knowledge of the past. his diplomacy skills are sorely lacking

Birth Place: The Department 7 underground vault, in what used to be the state of Utah in the United States.

Relatives: parents; Rasmus  65 and Asta 63, botanists working in the hydroponics section, both deceased…they were killed by unknown marauders 24 years ago whilst out collecting soil samples, no siblings, no other surviving relatives.

Known History: He was born at the vault, his parents [of Dutch origin] had been agents for a federal agency before they were then recruited for Department-7. His mother was exposed to radiation whilst on assignment, she had no idea she was pregnant at that time, hence his 'mutations' . After his parents death Rex became an Agent, after 10 years of working alone [he’s not a people person] he was paired up with Cassie a year after her rehabilitation, after a shaky start they have become great friends, although he has an annoying habit of treating her like a kid sister.

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Name: Somphit
Race: Human, Asian (specifically of Thai extraction)
Marital Status: Single
Ht: 5'9"
Wt: 110
Age: 54
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Black, one streak of gray

Mutations:  Nothing obvious.

Profession: Midwife

Known Skills:  General medicine, specializing in obstetrics, with an emphasis on homeopathy

Birth Place:  Hutchinson, Kansas.
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Wilds scamp22a.jpg

(NPC for this game...well, she's playing in this game but isn't a new character for later (except maybe at Dept 7 :angel:))

Name: M'Vani (Vani) – the “M” denotes an apprentice for life
Race: Evolved Cat/Scamp
Marital Status: Single
Ht: 5'8”
Wt: 150
Age: 17
Eyes: Gold with vertical black pupil – has night vision
Hair: Short brown, straight, hangs in face with long bangs

Scars/ Birth Marks/ Tattoos/Mutations: tbd

Body Build/Other Distinguishing Features: Lean, toned, humanoid body but with big cat shaped legs and feet, although her's are slightly more human-looking; stands completely upright; hands have long fingers and thin paw pads on the palms and fingers, as well as retractable claws/fingernails.

Has fur covering her skin, cream/tan colored with brown strips, dots, and other patterns; has straight up ears like a cats and a thick, smooth tail. Her eyes are human with vertical slits, but her nose is wider and more cat-like. Her mouth is more human with lips and small, sharp incisors. The general structure of her face is more human-looking. She has no real breasts but is slim and muscular.

Most Evolved cats wear clothing of some sort.

Profession: Apprentice healer for her pride, will never advance beyond apprentice due to her more human-looking appearance. Carries much of her supplies with her in a leather pack, along with some personal items she won't leave at home. Sometimes her things get stolen by others above her class.

Known Skills: Healing arts, natural; Very athletic (as most of her kind are); Stealth; Intelligent but doesn't know much of the world outside of the Wilds – can actually read and write; Survival in the Wilds;

Birth Place: The Wilds in the northwest

Relatives: Father: unknown...possibly a human because of her more human appearance; then again she might just be more evolved than others. Mother: deceased...raised by her grandmother who is the healer for the pride since she was a small child/cub of about four. M'Vani will never be the pride's main healer, but she was allowed to train for junior assistant work for whomever the healer would be after her grandmother.

Known History: tbd

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Name: Enoch Melvil Pearl-West IV
Race: Human (Pure-Strain)
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Age: 25
Hair: Reddish-blond, clean-shaven
Eyes: Blue
Body Build: Slight (but surprisingly wiry)

Profession: Librarian for Department 7, specializing in computer science and information retrieval, a.k.a hacking.

Known Skills: Computer hacker, engineer/mechanic (Enoch is an inveterate tinkerer), carpentry/woodworking, very strong mathematical abilities, read, write, swim.

Birth Place: Department 7 Vault

Known History: Enoch is an only child. His parents were contemporaries of Vivienne's and had not expected to become parents at an age when most people would be having grandchildren or possibly even great-grandchildren.

Enoch grew up with a chronic respiratory condition, informally known as "super asthma", which was highly resistant to the conventional treatment for asthma and other such chronic diseases. Doctors at the Vault were able to come up with a medical regimen to control Enoch's symptoms, but side effects included bloating, weight gain and general listlessness. Because of this, Enoch did not have a particularly strong immune system growing up, and was often ill for other reasons as well.

Fortunately the physical lethargy brought on by his illness did not affect his mental acuity, and Enoch remained a bright and curious child. His parents recognized he had a talent for mathematics and logical, systematic thinking, and encouraged him to study computers and engineering.

Due to his frequent convalescences, Enoch's parents would often bring him a selection of various books and recordings from the Vault library to help alleviate his boredom as he recovered. One of these books was a collection of sailing memoirs, and Enoch became fascinated with the lifestyle portrayed there. Over time, Enoch devoured every scrap of infortmation Department 7 had concerning ships and the sea, which only fueled his fascination. A book on constructing model sailboats out of scrap material led him to attempt to construct a full-sized sloop by the same methods. While that attempt was less than successful, it did teach Enoch much about practical design and construction, and his later attempts at building smaller, simpler vessels have been more successful, although still not entirely problem-free.

In another stroke of good fortune, much like regular asthma, Enoch's "super asthma" declined as he grew older, and he eventually grew out of it. As a result, his immune system has grown stronger and he has become more physically active as an adult.

Enoch is an orphan, his parents having both died of natural causes a few years back.

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Love it! ^^^ Don't forget his love of all things the sea, right? Even if a lot of what he'd learned was fiction! ;)

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View PostNikki Peppermint, on 15 May 2015 - 07:51 AM, said:

Love it! ^^^ Don't forget his love of all things the sea, right? Even if a lot of what he'd learned was fiction! ;)

Augh, you're right. I knew I was forgetting something. How do I edit my post or is that something only you can do as thread starter?
And let us, ciphers to this great accompt,
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Now, was it just the eggs? Or was the ham green as well?

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View PostIshmael Autolycus, on 17 May 2015 - 08:23 AM, said:

View PostNikki Peppermint, on 15 May 2015 - 07:51 AM, said:

Love it! ^^^ Don't forget his love of all things the sea, right? Even if a lot of what he'd learned was fiction! ;)

Augh, you're right. I knew I was forgetting something. How do I edit my post or is that something only you can do as thread starter?
I think after so much time only I can edit posts...so if you want to change anything just let me know (send me what you want) and I'll do it for you.

Edit: Having said that...I don't see the edit buttons on other people's posts in this thread, like I do in the game thread. Weird! If worse comes to worse...you can add another post to include the new info. But I'll keep trying to figure out what's going on.

Edit again: I think I've figured out I'm not even set up to mod this forum...yikes!! Hang on and when I'm set up I can edit in the info. Sheeesh, I've not even had control here all this time ;).

Last time! Rae fixed it...bring on the changes. I'm ready :D.

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