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A Dark, Dark Matter

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Posted 26 March 2015 - 03:51 AM

As matter moves through a Higgs field, its mass (resistance) is caused by its velocity.

As matter accelerates through a Higgs field, it gains mass.

As matter decelerates through a Higgs field, it loses mass.

If it somehow ends up in a Catholic church in the evening, it attends mass.

As we don't have a zero-velocity region to play with, we don't know what happens in zero-velocity situations.

I have a suggestion:

In going over Dark Matter maps and overlaying them with maps showing concentrations of matter, I couldn't help but be struck by the presence of zero-to-low-velocity regions of space.

This caused me to wonder if Dark Matter/Dark Energy isn't actually zero-velocity matter.

Here's the thing: matter has certain characteristics, all of which are lab-tested for accuracy. Matter has mass, inertia, gravity, and so on. What we do not know is what happens to matter in zero-velocity situations.

The matter/velocity scenario with matter moving through a Higgs field suggests to me that mass is a function of velocity, hence, zero velocity = zero mass.

While this may sound strange, consider this: without mass, matter does funny things. It still has gravity and inertia as potentials, but without mass we cannot interact with it. It's still there, but we won't be able to see it.

If I am correct, then Dark Matter/Dark Energy is merely zero-velocity matter.

And what about the galaxy in which we reside? Where is the Dark Matter?

It's all around us, rotating with our galaxy, moving in such a way that it has zero velocity in relation to the space in which our galaxy resides.

Of course, it could also be all about flying monkeys. One never knows.

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