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Agents of SHIELD: S.O.S.

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Posted 15 May 2015 - 08:57 PM

View PostCybersnark, on 15 May 2015 - 11:22 AM, said:

And I got the impression that the monolith's liquifaction was a regular thing, regardless of who was around it. We saw it go sploosh at one point while surrounded by SHIELD guards, and none of them seemed to react as a warning that hostiles were around. We've also seen it remain solid in the presence of confirmed Inhumans.

Since there hasn't been much SHIELD discussion about their observations on the monolith it is really hard to say. There are plenty of options. It could possible...

a) Sploosh in front of anyone, everyone, or nobody, which may or may not be part of a pattern, apparent or otherwise. (in which case it is hard to imagine SHIELD knows much about it).
b) Sploosh in front of transformed Inhumans only (which would seem to require there to be an anonymous Inhuman among the SHIELD agents in the scene it splooshed when only SHIELD Agents were in the room).
c) Sploosh in front of transformed and/or non-transformed Inhumans only, unless it touches a human (in which case their could be Inhumans among SHIELD that don't even know they are Inhumans).
d) Any of the above, but with the added clause that only Inhumans actually perceive the change, whereas regular ol' Humans do not perceive any change. (could negate the need for an anonymous Inhuman SHIELD agent in the guarding scene if the Sploosh was for our benefit...)

Any of the above would certainly peek SHIELD's/HYDRA's interest. D might have been hard to SHIELD/HYDRA to even know about, depending on their make-up of agents. Even if they didn't have any (known or unknown) Inhuman agents we do know SHIELD (or HYDRA within SHIELD) had Inhuman prisoners they did experiments on.
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Posted 16 May 2015 - 01:41 AM

Again, I sadly lack the time for my more substantial points, but we saw no indication that Isabelle Hartley was Inhuman, yet she experienced a (slower) progressive petrification (conversely, we saw a much quicker progressive petrification in Reinhardt/Whitehall's WWII-era HYDRA experiments (where they noted its speed).

If anything, the show suggests Isabelle *didn't* die of petrification (we didn't see any remaining petrification when Hartley declared her dead). She may have died from the impact, or bled out or gone into shock at some point soon AFTER Hunter assumed she was dead. In short, I saw no indication that the amputation hadn't worked for her, even though her petrification had already reached her elbow--a much trickier amputation than Coulson's. (The corresponding procedure in the lower limb, the "above knee amputation" [called an "AKA"] is considered "the definitive vascular procedure" even for an experienced surgeon in a hospital OR)

I note that Hartley told Hunter: "you've seen what they do with robotics now" and Hunter agreed "it might even be an upgrade"

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