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Purple Darkness in the Night-PG13

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Posted 22 November 2015 - 12:26 PM

LoP stood on Trance Lookout taking in one last look at Trance City, Kroyous’ capital, and remembered the last seven months it had taken to get the Purple Horizon ready for what might lie ahead. The city only had one building left untouched by the Nietzcheans’ attack that had ended his dream of a safe place for his people. The Purple Cathedral had been left alone for some reason, but LoP took it as a sign that his people might one day return here. He had spent several weeks burying Trancers in the cemetery near the cathedral as he had found them in the city. What had confused him was the fact that the Nietzcheans had not left any soldiers on the planet, which he had confirmed with a quick fly over. He had discovered the answer to that riddle when he found a squad of dead Tyrants in the hills. They had no injuries so he did autopsies and found they had been poisoned. The purple rose, which gave Kroyous its’ purple color, was poison to the Nietzcheans. The plants had saved the planet from settlement and LoP felt that they had been designed that way by the goddess Trance herself.
Once the gruesome work was finished he had turned his attention to his starship. When he had entered his hidden work area he had felt the rush he got every time he saw the shiny purple craft but at the same time knew that the shine would be a problem for the plan he had. So now it was a darker purple which was an energy absorbing coating his scientists had created. That should help him stay hidden from Nietzcheans and any other potential enemy. He hadn’t given up the bright purple yet though. He had added hundreds of special high intensity purple light projectors around the ship’s hull. When they were on the ship looked like a small purple sun.
He missed his newer ship but it had been destroyed by the attacking forces first. Besides he knew it would do him no good now since it was based on the alternate universe’s technology and that no longer worked. The ship he now would use, his original, had a working slipstream drive and full working weapons. His hope would be to find 20-25 experienced Trancers that could help man the ship. It could be run by himself with the AI’s help, but would be much more lethal fully crewed.
He knew he would get no help from the Common Wealth and he didn’t blame them. The Magog attacks and the war with the Nietzcheans had weakened them. They would have no desire to break the uneasy truce they had signed with the Tyrants or Dragon Pride, who had also been weakened. He knew that even Dylan Hunt and the Andromeda would be unable to help, at least openly.
LoP shook himself from his thoughts and left Trance Lookout, it was time to leave his home.

Three hours later the Purple Horizon angled away from Kroyous and entered slipstream. As the portal closed, Kroyous vanished.

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Posted 23 November 2015 - 08:54 PM

The Theo's three-engine thrust system hummed contentedly along...except for that occasional weird noise that Erica thought she'd finally had fixed on the converted freighter. From the pilot's chair she glanced over at her sister, Jessamine, and grinned. Jake, her stuffed tiger strapped to the top of the chair, remained silent and ever watchful.

After nine years apart...actually not even knowing where the other was...the two redheaded Nietzschean sisters had been reunited just recently. Erica had docked at one of the usual drifts where she did business for the Trancers only to be told she had a package from her sister.

Said package had turned out to be a stasis pod inside a wooden crate that had literally contained her older, missing sister.

“I still can't believe you mailed yourself to me,” Erica remarked once again.

Jessa sighed from the sensor station. “I didn't 'mail' myself...I knew you'd be there eventually, so I just left myself there for you.”

“Yeah...that's kinda creepy you were watching me...and didn't even let me know!” Erica chastised her sister again. “But...from what you told me, you couldn't very well just wait around out in the open, so I forgive you for stalking me.”

Jessamine shook her head but smiled. “Thanks ever so much.”

“But seriously?” Erica continued. “The whole three-lock system was brilliant...giving me just the key card and that note to decipher. No one would have been able to get you out but me. Key card, our DNA code for the fingerprint, and the voice activation...sneaky. You're just lucky that I figured out the word was 'Retribution'. I mean, really?...dramatic much?” Erica laughed. “Who uses that word anyway!?”

“Yeah, well, some day I will kill that father of ours for what he did to us...Fleet Marshal or no, no one should try to turn their daughters into assassins to marry and kill the Alpha of a rival pride,” Jessa insisted hotly.

Erica shrugged. They'd both gotten away with the help of one of their brothers...the one who wasn't a jerk. “Yes, well, ours is a twisted, crazy, and murderous family...besides Mandau Pride is known for their assassins and mercenaries. At least we got some skills out of the whole ordeal.”

Frankly, Erica was impressed that her older sister had turned into a Nietzschean warrior type.

Jessa stared. “That's really stretching it to look on the 'bright side', you know that?” Her sister merely shrugged at her and smiled. Jess thought that no Nietzschean should be as bouncy and perky as her sister had turned out.

The computer indicated the slipstream portal that Erica needed for Kroyous was coming up. She couldn't believe she'd been gone for over nine months! Her business had taken her longer than she'd thought, plus it had taken time to free her sister.

“So, no talking to me when we're in slipstream. I take that very seriously,” she reminded her sister.

“Right...so this planet...you've lived with these purple pixies for a long time now, huh?” Jessa asked.

Erica gasped. “Oh my Drago...do NOT call them that to their faces, please. They're not 'pixies' anyway...whatever those are. But they do have the most awesome tails. Seriously, wait until you meet them. Especially LoP. He's great. And Trance City...gorgeous! All purple and sparkly and...,” she began enthusiastically.

“Yes, because I am so into sparkles,” Jessamine muttered, rolling her eyes. A flash of light caught the gold sparkly stripes...that matched her outfit...in her sister's hair, blinding Jessa for a moment. Those hair nanos were freaky.

“What?” Erica asked.

“Nothing...continue,” Jessa said looking innocent.

But the slipstream portal was ready to be opened so Erica focused on that, then they were sucked into the bright tendrils of "light"...

* * * *

The horror and annihilation of the planet and main city that greeted the Desmarais sisters was nothing short of devastating for Erica, and by extension, because Erica was her sister, Jessamine. They couldn't even speak as they spent hours flying over what used to be Trance City and the outlying areas, searching for life signs on the sensors but finding none. They spotted fresh graves which gave Erica hope that someone had survived, but she had no idea who or where they'd gone.

Saddened, afraid for her friends, and at a loss as to what to do, Erica turned the converted freighter from her home and entered another slipstream. She had to get away. But now she didn't know where to go.

#3 Lover of Purple

Lover of Purple

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Posted 23 November 2015 - 10:22 PM

LoP skillfully piloted the Purple Horizon through the odd tendrils known as slipstream, his mind on his first objective. After so many months of planning he found himself now anxious to enter the fray with the nearest Dragon settlement. It was a small start but would serve his purpose well, no large battle force just a small space port and a few Neitzchean fighters. Even though the Purple Horizon was undermanned they would be no match for the Trancer’s ship. A part of him hated the idea of killing but the image of Trance City in ruins and all of the dead bodies drove that regret down deep.
His plan was to attack the space port, destroy the fighters but leave the station intact. Once that was done he would make planet-fall and free any Trancer slaves (check that any slaves) and leave with them. He had no intentions of killing any settlers and he needed to remain unseen. His long term goal relied on his ability to keep his identity a secret and hopefully his ship. So many believed that Trancers were magical anyway, he would use it to his advantage. They had to believe what he wanted them to.

He sensed his exit from slipstream approaching and activated the external lights he had installed.
Jon Rytus swung his patrol fighter around when his instruments detected a slipstream event. He angled toward the flash ready to challenge the arrival and did a very un-Neitzchean thing. He froze. A small purple sun had exited slipstream and was heading for the planet. Jon contacted the station.
“Theta patrol to command. You are being approached by a…..uh…….small sun.”
“Theta, did you say a sun?”
“Yes command and it is purple!”
“Have you been drinking, Jon?”
“No sir, I am approaching it now and will…..”

Static as the fighter exploded.
LoP flew through the cloud of what had been a fighter.
“Now it begins.” LoP said to himself as he destroyed the two fighters still parked near the station.

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Posted 29 November 2015 - 07:45 PM

The well-populated drift that the Desmarais sisters had landed on was busy with activity. While Jessa was off searching out some supplies, Erica had found a bar to grab some lunch...and a drink once the bartender accepted the fact that she was older than she looked. At a table nearby she heard the words 'purple star'...and her hand froze halfway to her mouth with a forkful of food.

She listened as best she could at the conversation between two Nietzcheans who paid her no attention, seeing as she sat in the shadows against the wall. What they said frightened her and gave her hope at the same time. As soon as she could slip out, she met up with her sister back at the ship.

“So the Tyrants are claiming that they killed your friend...the Trancer President?” Jessa asked.

Erica nodded. “Yeah...of course so are the Dragans, but that's to be expected. I'd believe if of both of the prides. Yet...,” she paused, “someone is out destroying Nietzchean settlements with a small, purple sun.”

“You think that's LoP...in a ship or something then,” Jessamine said, leaning back on the small couch and putting her boots on the table.

“Well, the rumor is that it's his spirit taking revenge...but I don't know. Maybe he's alive out there somewhere,” Erica mused. “I have no idea how to find him or where to look, though. Maybe we should look for any Trancers that escaped.”

“Do you think they'd be out in the open, though?” Jessa asked. “Perhaps we could find some that were captured and free them...they could help us look.”

The sisters sat talking over the rumors and stories, along with how to find Nietzschean settlements that might be keeping Trancers prisoner...without getting caught themselves, of course. It wasn't like they weren't somewhat wanted themselves...

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Posted 04 December 2015 - 09:38 PM

LoP brought his ship in low over the dense forest using distance to slow to almost landing speed. With a very brief burst from the landing thrusters the Purple Horizon set hard onto the ground. LoP had planned this attack very carefully to be sure the settlement would be on the night side when he arrived. Methodically he locked down the controls before pulling on a stealth suit Trancer scientists had created and dropping a forcelance into it’s holster. Before opening the door, he shut down all lighting so the ship would remain invisible. He stood in the dark doorway for several minutes listening for any sound that would mean trouble. Silence met his sensitive ears so he moved toward the distant settlement.

This was the largest settlement he had attempted to invade and he hoped this liberation might find him a few crew members. Many had offered to join him from the many smaller settlements he had liberated but none of them had experience. On the last one he had rescued a Trancer who had been on this settlement and said there were several ex-military here. He would soon know

“Stay calm.” He told himself as he neared the entrance of the walled settlement, “Don’t mess up now.”

Silently he moved along the high wall until he reached the hidden back entrance all Neitzcheans used in this type of settlements. Slowly he entered knowing a single guard would be inside and found him quickly. With a quick, silent movement he choked the guard out with his tail while he kept the forcelance pointed ahead. Now to step two the one he hated at first but had now grown unemotional towards, killing the rest of the guards. Coldly he moved through the area leaving bodies as he crept along the ground.

Two hours later he found the slave enclosure and used the forcelance to get in. Inside he found thirty or more slaves, all dirty and many sick. Slowly several woke up and turned to see who had come in and what punishment was planned. The nearest was an older Trancer who’s face lit up with recognition as he stood up.

“Mr. President? Is that really you?” He asked in a low voice.

“Yes, Jwyne. Now all of us are getting out of here, follow me silently. I’ve eliminated the guards, but there are still many Niets sleeping and we don’t want to wake them.” LoP responded softly. “Is this everyone?” Getting a nod from Jwyne he continued. “Follow me.”

One by one the Trancers followed into the night, no one talking now. The walk back to the ship was a long one for the sick but no one complained. No Trancer would complain out of respect to their leader. Hope had risen immediately once they realized it was LoP.

An hour later they arrived to see only a dark area ahead of them. That is until LoP touched his communicator. “Trance, open up.”

[Welcome back. .Opening hatch. You may want to hurry since I am picking up chatter about slaves escaping.]

“Everyone in, quickly Trance, prepare for emergency lift off and arm weapons.”

It only took minutes to get everyone inside. LoP settled into the command seat and guided the Purple Horizon toward the settlement. “Trance, activate the lights……now”

The settlement was fully awake now and several Neitzcheans had armed themselves to hunt the slaves down. They all froze as a purple sun seemed to materialize to the north and rushed toward them. They felt something most of them had never know, fear. Panic set in as the sun came closer, now roaring loudly.

LoP taped the weapons control and a purple bolt of energy lashed out into the settlement causing a building to explode and killing several settlers. Immediately he forced the ship straight up and after a few minutes he killed the lights making the “sun” vanish.

Invisibly they flew past the space station and entered slipstream. It had paid off, he recognized several military personnel among the slaves.

“Trance, take over and set course for site Alpha.”

[What ever you want.]

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Posted 11 December 2015 - 08:46 PM

A couple of days later Erica remembered the Alpha Site as they hung out on the drift, still unsure of exactly where to go or what to do.

"I can't believe you are just now remembering there was an Alpha site for your Trancers," Jessa exclaimed from the senor station on the Theo.

Erica finished her pre-flight check list and waited for the docking clamps to release her ship. "Well, we never used it before. At least I've never been there," she defended herself.

"You've never...well, then how are we going to get there?" Jessa asked. "You gonna use your good looks?"

Erica ignored the sarcasm. "Why thank you!" she grinned. "But no, the coordinates were loaded into the nav system...just in case. So basically Theo knows how to get there. I just don't know where "there" is."

The drift's command center gave Erica clearance to depart. As she did she turned control of the ship over to, well, the ship...in a manner of speaking. She would just fly the coordinates given to her and use whatever slipstream portals opened on the way.

"Here we go!" Erica announced. "Off to find my...our...friends and LoP wherever they might be."

"What if he's not alive...what if it's not him that's been destroying all those Nietzschean settlements?" Jessa finally dared to ask, not wanting to dash her sister's hopes.

"A purple sun?" Erica asked with a grin. "Who else could it be? I'm telling you, he's alive."

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Posted 11 December 2015 - 09:00 PM

Commander Bonaparte read the report handed to him and kept his expression neutral. He looked up at the Alpha and said flatly. "Nonsense. A purple sun. Sounds like a cover up for letting the slaves escape. I think executions might be on order."

The Alpha nodded slowly. "I agree as long as you are sure this LoP is dead."

"Of course he is dead. I watched him die. These purple things are very superstitious and are grasping at ghosts."

"I hope you are right.  I know that someone has been watching over these....purple pixies."

" I am. "

"Very good. Now get back on patrol and keep alert for another slave uprising."

"Yes Alpha." Bonaparte answered, and to himself he thought it was  chance to be sure the Trance president was dead.


Trance Gemini stood in among the plants on the Andromeda and stared silently at her favorite bonsai, the purple light streaks on it's branches had dimmed in the last several months. She knew her purple friends were in grave trouble but She couldn't tell Dylan since she knew he would want t help her friends and the Common Wealth was still to fragile. At first she had thought Lover of Purple was dead, but his life force had sprung up suddenly several weeks ago. She remembered how she had met the purple creatures. It was when she had first decided to create an avatar for herself She was young and found these purple creatures to be amazing so she had made her avatar in their image. Knowing that the Trancers, as they called themselves after they met her avatar, would be in danger from the coming fall she had hidden their planet as best as she could. That had been three hundred years ago. Having very long lives she had enjoyed making friends with most of them, especially two, EnTranced and LoP. She knew that EnTranced would lead the battle when the planet was finally found and attacked, but she knew LoP would lead if they survived. It had taken two hundred years for the Trancers to be found.

Something broke her thoughts and she touched the plant's trunk. Images flooded into her mind, dying settlers and growing fear. "LoP! What have you done? Don't go down that path."
She sat on he floor, her eyes showing dread and concern. "I can't stop you without endangering the Common Wealth. I see no......" She paused as images flew through her mind. There was hope, but would LoP listen to two Nietzchean females considering what had happened and would they see what she saw?

All she could do was hope and wait.

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