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Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans; Ep 13

Gundam mecha military science fiction worldbuilding

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Posted 30 December 2015 - 06:43 PM

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Episode 13: Funeral Rites

Gundam has always been aware of the emotional toll of war, but it's rare to see it handled with this much quiet dignity (as opposed to melodramatic angst). As usual, this show is unafraid to let its characters breathe.


With all the explanations of a funeral, I'm surprised at the one that wasn't brought up; a funeral is a gesture of respect --a dignity accorded to human beings, rather than space rats or Human Debris. It's a rejection of the way Maruba and Kudal treated them (and how Masahiro saw himself), and an affirmation of Orga's more humanist philosophy.

I loved Yamagi's comment about funerals being expensive and time-consuming, as a reason to have as few of them as possible.

I'm glad to see that Scar and Sandy survived; the new additions to Tekkadan will lead to some interesting drama. Tears or not, I can't imagine their assimilation will be easy. I can imagine Shino feeling responsible for them, given how his orders led to the deaths of children (and how horrified he was as it was happening). Maybe Akihiro will look after them, as another way of honouring Masahiro.

Like keeping the Gusion (which Orga is fine with --Akihiro is the only person who has a right to countermand that order), though personally, I would've gone with a Rodi (though, if the Gusion is a Gundam as Azee speculates*, I can certainly see not wanting to let it out of their sight). Assuming the Graze is still reparable, that's three mobile suits in their hangar, plus whatever they end up doing with the spoils of Brewers.

I'm not sure what to think of that kiss. Mikazuki/Kudelia is the obvious Official Couple (there's one in every Gundam series --the Hero and Female Lead), but after learning Atra's backstory, I want her to get her Happily Ever After.

Hell, I'd like to see Kudelia and Biscuit hook up; she's a leader with no planning skills (which is why she's in this mess --knowing what she wants, but not fully understanding how it will happen), while Biscuit has the planning skills to actually run a country.

McGillis being illegitimate is news (to me), and suddenly explains some things about his personality (hungry to prove himself by being Perfect and Honourable), his antagonistic relationship with his family, and his low opinion of Gjallarhorn's nobility. Efficient character work. He is as much a victim of circumstance as Tekkadan.

(* Word of God has confirmed that it is, but the characters wouldn't know that for certain yet. Not until Nadi gets a look at its inner workings and compares it to Barbatos.)
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