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Getting an "Insecure Connection" warning for Exisle? No worry

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Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans; Ep 15

Gundam mecha military science fiction

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Posted 21 January 2016 - 04:07 PM

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Episode 15: Trail of Footprints

Another Gundam tradition is a masked character, usually with a personal tie to the protagonist, to be dramatically revealed at a strategic moment*. Like several recent Gundam series, Tekketsu plays with the trope by reversing it, with a known character adopting the mask, making his identity obvious to the audience (via voice acting), but concealed in-universe.

It's a bit contrived that apparently no one hunting her has actually seen a picture of Kudelia. She and Atra aren't even in the same size-class!

It looks like this arc is about the Tekkadan family (which now includes Atra among its top-level badasses) getting a firsthand look at how Gjallarhorn deals with problems --I get the feeling that Gjallarhorn are about to go from an obstacle to something that both Tekkadan and Kudelia have a personal interest in tearing down, not just for its corruption, but for the abject terror it inspires. Terror sufficient to justify the torture of a child and the destruction of a Family.

I'm curious what we're supposed to get from that scene with Naze; it doesn't really add anything except to restate the political situation (which is already obvious). Unless it's to suggest that Naze isn't taking this nearly as seriously as he should.

Given what we know of his life, it's easy to understand why McGillis would adopt the Mask; this is the only way he can act with freedom and escape from the pressure of being Gjallarhorn's Golden Boy even if only for a short time. I am a bit curious how he managed to get here before Gaelio (considering that we saw him on Earth as Gaelio and Ein were leaving).

Worldbuilding: those colony vidphones are interesting; people apparently carry personal handsets that have to be plugged into the terminal. That makes sense for inter-colony calls, but I wonder why they don't have a wireless system within the individual colonies.

(* Tomino has openly credited Star Wars as an inspiration, featuring as it did a masked character flying a one-off prototype craft, with a propensity for resolving things with one-on-one duels, and revealed midway through to be a relative of the hero.)
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