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The Flash: Reverse Flash Returns

The Flash DC CW

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Posted 26 January 2016 - 10:23 PM

Alright, I sort of understand what they were trying to say, during Harry's explanation of how come Reverse Flash is still around. And it would have made sense if all they did was kill the Reverse Flash last season. But when you have Eddie killing himself, and effectively altering, if not erasing, the Thawne genealogy their explanation falls flat. But, then again, strictly speaking, once Thawne was erased from existence, Barry's own timeline would have changed to where his mom was still alive, and that night never happen...So I get what they're trying to say, I just wished they wouldn't expect the fans to be that stupid.

So they find that the turtle is dead, and nobody thinks to check the video tapes? I mean, I'm sure Harry erased or altered them, but you'd think they at least check them.

Loved Cisco's line: You mean I was seeing into the future? Those goggles are getting amped immediately.....LOL Speaking of Cisco...he really really wants to know the secret of getting the suit into the ring. LOL.

Loved Iris's scene with her mother.

I understand why Barry was behaving the way he was toward Patty, but he was really being a a$$hole in those scenes.

I actually enjoyed the racing between the Reverse Flash and the Flash...even if they did reuse some footage from season one. The ending, with sending Reverse Flash back home...very very cool.

And what is with Earth 1 jay being Hunter Zolomon? Where did THAT come from?

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