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Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans; Ep 19

Gundam mecha military science fiction reentry

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Posted 17 February 2016 - 10:46 PM

(An addendum to last week's episode: another reviewer caught what I missed; that uniformed man in Fleur's limo was Iznario Fareed; McGillis' father, which has an effect on the landscape. Gjallarhorn is clearly involved in Fleur's campaign to seize power in Arbrau, and that blond kid might be McGillis' younger brother.)

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Episode 19: The Gravity of Wishes

Another Gundam tradition is the reentry battle; transitioning from space to the surface is never as easy as just flying down. This being a military sci-fi franchise, atmospheric entry needs to be paid for in blood.

A lot of callbacks to the first episodes this week, which is fitting since we're about to begin a new chapter in this saga. Much has changed; Kudelia is no longer the Princess with clean hands, Tekkadan are no longer mere contractors for hire, and Mikazuki is no longer a child blindly following Orga.

That last exchange between Mika and McGillis is interesting; Mika isn't invoking Tekkadan or Kudelia --he has his own reasons to need McGillis alive. I'm not expecting a betrayal or anything, but Mika's default state is to subsume himself into The Mission. It's rare to hear him taking an active voice in what goes on around him.

And Ein is now either dead or permanently maimed. If he's dead, it will neatly pass his oath of vengeance to Gaelio (who now has even more personal reasons to want Mikazuki dead, beyond simply regaining his honour and dignity). If alive, he's the sort who would turn to extreme methods to get back into the fight --even if it means "sacrificing his humanity" to become an Alaya-Vijnana-using cyborg.

Carta Issue continues to be the kind of buffoon who makes Gaelio look competent. She's clearly here for comic relief, but I'm saddened that she has to fall back on the "klingy jealous woman" archetype when she's perfectly fine as the generic Pompous Buffoon --dissappointingly stereotypical of female characters in Gundam.
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