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DC's Legends of Tomorrow, S2 E03 - Shogun

DCs Legends of Tomorrow DCs Legends of Tomorrow: S2

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#1 Sci-Fi Girl

Sci-Fi Girl

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Posted 27 October 2016 - 04:18 PM

Airdate October 27, 2016


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Nate is shocked to learn he has powers and accidentally lands himself and Ray in Feudal Japan. Sara, Vixen and Rory agree to find Nate and help him master his powers so he can defend a Japanese village from the Shogun and an army of samurai warriors. Meanwhile, Jax and Stein stay back to help repair the ship and find a secret compartment but decide not to tell the rest of the team what they learn.

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#2 Lord of the Sword

Lord of the Sword
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Posted 27 October 2016 - 09:43 PM

Alright, how did Vixen get on board the Wave Rider? The Legends had left, and were already travelling in time, when Rex was killed. We see Vixen hear him say time traveler killed him, then next she is on board the wave rider. And the whole "Stow away" explanation is BS. As soon as she was on board she started attacking, so if she had gotten on board when they were on the ground, they never would've become airborne, because she immediately attacked.

I'm SO glad they destroyed the mini Iron Man Atom suit, that I almost forgive Ray for being stupid enough to let the Shogun take it in the first place.

Steel getting his a$$ handed to him, while trying to "Steel On"...priceless.

When Mick was in the forest, being surrounded by Ninjas, was I the only one thinking: "Perhaps having heat wave, with his flame gun, in the middle of a forest, isn't such a good idea. Forest fires have been started with less.
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#3 Virgil Vox

Virgil Vox
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Posted 29 October 2016 - 10:59 PM

Aside from a few issues I liked this episode. It was fun and breezy and pretty much what I wanted from this show last season. Without having to track down one person throughout time the Legends can have more fun adventures like this.

I totally agree with you about Vixen getting on board. It makes absolutely no sense and does not work with the timeline established last episode. Short of magic or a teleportation device, Vixen could not have been on the Waverider.

Nate basically falling in love with the Japanese woman also irritated me because it's a trope we've seen so many times and it was easy to see that they would not end up together.

Nate trying to become Citizen Steel and then getting his butt kicked by the samurai was priceless.

I have no problem with the Atom suit being blown up if it means we get a more comic book faithful suit down the road. I never liked the Iron Man rip off they did with Atom.

What secret could a future Barry send to the Legends that would have Rip hide an entire room and have both Jax and Stein agree to keep it a secret?

Mick's love of ninjas was a great little plot running through the episode.


When Mick was in the forest, being surrounded by Ninjas, was I the only one thinking: "Perhaps having heat wave, with his flame gun, in the middle of a forest, isn't such a good idea. Forest fires have been started with less.

Well, it's not like his heat gun has really ever acted like it would in real life. When he shoots flames at people it usually just knocks them back instead of setting them on fire. The flames haven't really caught anything on fire that I can recall, at least not when Mick didn't want them too.

Vixen being on the team was fun. She shook up the dynamic a little and it's just nice to see another female hero on the team now since Hawkgirl is gone.
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