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Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans; Ep 36

Gundam mecha military science fiction kaiju

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Posted 16 December 2016 - 01:18 PM

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Episode 36: Stained Wings

The kaiju movie vibes are strong this week, with the mobile armour pulling off an impressive Godzilla homage. There's also some subtle-yet-logical worldbuilding.

If nanolaminate armour was created during the Calamity War in order to counter beam weapons, suddenly the use of human-shaped mecha wielding close-range weapons makes perfect logical sense --brute physical force is just more effective than directed energy technology. The complete absence of AI also makes sense now; even if the technology still existed, there are probably ironclad laws and social mores against anything that resembles the AI-driven mobile armours --like genetic engineering after the Eugenics Wars.

Iok came into this about as well-prepared as President-Elect Trump, and has managed to ruin everything twice in a 24-hour period. It looks like he's trying for the hat-trick next episode. He'll either die there, or end up so utterly broken and humbled that someone (possibly Tekkadan) will have to take him in.

With Vidar seemingly about to make his move against McGillis, and Iok finally realizing what a complete failure he is, Julieta seems to be the only Arianrhod officer still on-mission --which may mean she'll end up fighting alongside Tekkadan to take down the mobile armour. I've been wanting her to get a look at how the "other side" lives; she and Mikazuki (or even Hush) would have an interesting conversation about loyalty (and someone so prideful deserves to see what real Alaya-Vijnana-equipped Gundam pilots can do).

It's also interesting that, while McGillis doesn't seem likely to have known about Vidar, he "happened" to put someone else into a distinctive mobile suit wearing McGillis' own colours and an impractically oversized weapon (while he rides a practical and understated Graze Ritter). Next week's confrontation will be informative.

McGillis is curious: last season, he made a big speech about how he cannot afford friends or sentimentality, yet his every decision this season has been motivated by his friendship with Tekkadan and his sentimental attachment to Gjallarhorn's original ideals.
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