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Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans; Ep 45

Gundam mecha military science fiction space battles

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Posted 03 March 2017 - 03:45 PM

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Episode 45: If This Is The End

The final battle has begun, and between Rustal's treachery and McGillis' sudden incompetence, Tekkadan are caught in a bloodbath.

This battle has a very different feel from the fights we've seen before in the Outer Sphere. Out on the fringes, people know how to fight dirty. Be quick and brutal and finish the fight as quickly as possible. Gjallarhorn are too "civilized" for such tactics; their style is to hold off in rigid formation while expendable mobile suit fighters play out the ritual bloodletting until one side has taken enough casualties to respectably surrender. For most of McGillis' home-grown troops, this is unavoidable, but he of all people should know better than to tie Tekkadan down like that --and Orga should absolutely have known better than to let it happen to his family.

As soon as that first Dainsleif volley hit, I realized that I've seen this scenario before and already knew a (costly-but effective) counter-move. Sadly, it looks like knowledge of the Calrissian Manoeuvre didn't survive the Calamity War.

It's dramatically interesting that the failure of Ryusei-Go's attack wasn't a result of sudden tragedy or failure on Tekkadan's part, but resulted simply from the protagonist not being perfect. Julieta only really got away from Mika for a second, but that was enough to ruin everything. It was a surprisingly realistic beat.

Another good character beat was Gaelio carefully avoiding killing any of McGillis' followers until it became clear they couldn't be reasoned with.

Finally, after dancing around Yamagi's orientation since the first episode, the show finally almost confirms it, in the most tragic manner possible.
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