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Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans; Ep 46

Gundam mecha military science fiction space battles

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Posted 10 March 2017 - 04:46 PM

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Episode 46: For Whom

What started out as a quick coup and turned into a pitched battle has now become a running campaign as McGillis' decimated forces try to regroup.


I note again that Kimaris has been fully upgraded three times in the past few years (from the Kimaris Origin to the four-legged Trooper, to the Vidar, and finally to the Kimaris Vidar), while Bael is still outfitted with 300-year-old technology. How did McGillis think that fight was going to play out?

I liked Gaelio's reaction to Isurugi's death; enemies or not, Gaelio had no quarrel with him.

Other forums are speculating that Atra and Mikazuki have already slept together after their conversation a couple of episodes ago (accounting for the "something different" that Hush picks up on). While there are at least a few weeks we haven't seen (they go from Earth orbit to most of the way to Mars in this ep; a trip that's been established to take a couple of months), I don't think those two have actually done the deed yet; I think Atra's newfound confidence is down to the decision being made. Hopefully she's at least smart enough to wait until they're back on Mars and not actively getting shot at.

The real tragedy of Orga is that, as Mikazuki notes, he already had everything he wanted for his family; they had Sakura Farms, and the half-metal mine, and the potential to expand their business interests on Mars, and he signed it away. Of course, Kudelia is still a part of the Tekkadan family (whether or not Orga realizes it), but the assets she's holding in trust are what Orga really wanted, not the kingship of Mars that McGillis dangled in front of him.
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