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Getting an "Insecure Connection" warning for Exisle? No worry

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Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans; Ep 47

Gundam mecha military science fiction

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Posted 17 March 2017 - 02:44 PM

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Episode 47: Scapegoat

Tekkadan ends up backed against a wall, and Orga reaches his breaking point.


It's a testimony to how bad things have gotten that Orga would try to sell out McGillis --it's not just about honour, but reputation: one way or another, Tekkadan-the-business is finished.

Also interesting to contrast Orga's pleading with Jasley's a few episodes ago; where Jasley begged to save his own life (in exchange for pain & humiliation), Orga willing pleads for death and dishonour in exchange for the safety of his people.

For his part, McGillis sure seems to be smiling a lot for someone in so much trouble. Methinks he's plotting a betrayal of his own. I'm curious to know what his personal business was on Mars. Is it related to the sleeper agent he alluded to way back at the beginning of the season (which I think we were meant to assume was Tekkadan)?

Interesting revelation about Dane already being a murderer before he found Tekkadan; he really doesn't seem like the type. Same thing about Zack's background; last week we learned that he has a family to go back to, in addition to the education we found out about during the mobile armour fiasco, and now he's confident that his father could find Dane a job. This doesn't feel like backstory; I think Zack's history is being set up for a plot-twist. Could he be about to swoop to the rescue?

While the baby-making arc has certainly had its problematic aspects (among them the gender-essentialism, the ages of everyone involved, and Kudelia's obvious discomfort with sexuality), I have to applaud the show for not resorting to a triangle, but instead suggesting a poly relationship, even if none of the characters are really thinking in those terms. Another problem is either cultural or due to broadcast standards; I've noticed that the only acceptable sexualities for anime characters are "chaste to the point of obliviousness" or "lecherous animal," with nothing in between. It'd be nice if any of these characters was actually allowed to show any physical attraction to each other, or any emotional intimacy beyond the mythologized "something different about you" that Hush picked up on last week.
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