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Intelligence Committees Hearings on Russian election interference / 45

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#1 yadda yadda

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Posted 20 March 2017 - 12:40 PM

Seeing as how the House Intelligence Committee is having a public hearing today and they and the Senate Intelligence Committee will have more public hearings, and hopefully an independent investigatory body may be empaneled, this thread is intended for discussion of that activity.

#2 yadda yadda

yadda yadda
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Posted 20 March 2017 - 12:58 PM

The thread title got cut off, I guess for being too lengthy, but it had the word "collusion" after 45. Today's hearing is droning on and on with Republicans zeroed in on the leaks of classified information, especially in regards to Gen. Flynn's phone calls and meetings with the Russian ambassador. Democrats seemed more interested in questioning aspects of the web of circumstantial activities of 45 associates, campaign surrogates, and administration officials in regards to contact with Russians officials and interests.

On most questions from either camp most of the answers from FBI Director Comey and NSA Director Rogers were "can't comment on that" in regard to classified info, ongoing investigations, and specific Trump associates who might be targets of investigation. The main issues revealed were that Comey admitted there was an ongoing criminal investigation of Russian influence and activity coupled with the 45 campaign involvement and that there was no evidence or factual basis for 45's accusatory tweeted statements about Obama supposedly wiretapping him or 45's Tower.

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#3 Virgil Vox

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Posted 20 March 2017 - 08:36 PM



The public confirmation of an investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and a foreign government was only one of the many stunning moments during Comey’s testimony. Comey testified that he did not inform congressional leaders about the existence of the probe “until recently” because “of its sensitivity.” Along with NSA director Mike Rogers, who also testified, the FBI director disputed President Trump’s contention in tweets on March 4 that his predecessor, President Barack Obama, had wiretapped him. Both said they had “no information” to support that.

Comey and Rogers both said they found no information about Trump's accusation that he was wiretapped which I think everyone who doesn't worship at the altar of Trump knew the second after Trump tweeted those lies. Of course, Trump is just digging himself deeper. He has said that he meant wiretapping broadly and really meant surveillance of any kind and then said that members of his campaign were under surveillance because of the Russia investigation and then he said that it wasn't any of the U.S. agencies that Obama got to wiretap him but a British one. He keeps changing his story and coming up with new lies to make his claim credible every time more proof comes out that he lied to the American people. This isn't even a typical lie that all politicians and Presidents tell. This was a staggering claim that a sitting President put a candidate for the office under surveillance during and after the campaign. If it had been true it would have been a massive scandal. Instead, it's a massive scandal because Trump lied and is now refusing to own up to it. Is this what we should expect every time a scandal hits Trump? He's just going to make up a lie and throw some innocent person under the bus? (Also, I realize there are those who don't like Obama and don't think he's "Innocent" but in regards to the specific claims Trump made about Obama he is innocent). He's also claiming that the Russian hacking scandal is just a big lie created by Democrats.

What I also found funny in a sad, tragic sort of way is that apparently the investigation into Russia hacking our election and the ties between Russia and Trump's campaign began during the campaign, but Comey said nothing about it. Yet he had no problem letting the world know that the FBI had a laptop from someone not really connected to Hillary that might possibly contain e-mails that might be related to the private server scandal right before the election.
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Posted 20 March 2017 - 11:17 PM

I realize this thread subject and content could be considered appropriate to the "POTUS 2017, post inauguration thread". If that is more convenient and less confusing I have no issue if a mod or admin chooses to fold it in over there.

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Posted 23 March 2017 - 03:23 AM

The twists and turns in this House Intelligence Committee are as hard to stomach and keep up with as a ride on a corkscrew roller coaster. Since Monday's public hearing where FBI Director fingered the 45 campaign for possible links to collusion with the Russian election derailment mission we now have Republican Committee Chair Devin Nunes schlepping classified information over to 45 at the White House aimed at bolstering the so-called president's fake news claim to being wiretapped by Obama. No evidence was produced or introduced, just claims on Nunes' part that he had been brought information purportedly showing that 45 and or associates had been included in incidental collection of intelligence info which was then transcribed or mentioned in intelligence reports or briefings.

These actions of a supposedly objective investigator ( Nunes) hand delivering classified information to the SUBJECT of an investigation seems a bit of an ethical conundrum and cast doubts on the innate bias and agenda of the committee chairman. Challenges to the actions of Nunes by Ranking Committee Member Schiff and Senator McCain have intensified and provided context for the creation of an independent Select Committee or Commission to take over and guide a non partisan investigation of these matters the FBI has laid out as proper and of relevance.

Interesting to note that Rep. Schiff also upgraded his assessment of evidence of potential 45 administration Russian collusion from " circumstantial" to beyond circumstantial. President 45's tiny hands caught inside a Russian cookie jar, perhaps? We can only hope and dream...:)

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Posted 24 March 2017 - 09:08 PM

A groundhog couldn't see his shadow with this many clouds overhead….

I heard someone say earlier this week, and we are having hearings on this guy's Supreme Court nominee…. why? Wouldn't the reasons to not hold, or to delay, hearings, with these clouds of suspicions, a lot more reasonable than the reasons given to stop Obama's nominee? I mean, this isn't a job that the nominee can get kicked onto of once s/he is confirmed, unlike say Cabinet picks and other positions a new President could replace at will.
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