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Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans; Ep 48

Gundam mecha military science fiction

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Posted 23 March 2017 - 06:43 PM

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Episode 48: Promise

As Gjallarhorn's noose closes, Tekkadan takes the one casualty it might not be able to survive.


I honestly didn't expect this before the last episode, and I can't see how Tekkadan can recover from this, even as I see how necessary it is from a character standpoint.

Mikazuki's conversations with McGillis finally cast their differing philosophies into stark relief. McGillis could never understand the unreasoning loyalty Mika feels toward Orga; for McGillis, loyalty is a matter of necessity, something to be cast aside when it stops being useful toward one's true goal, which must, of course, be Power.

He tries to tempt Mika with the same kind of trap that Orga fell for, and Mikazuki --more connected to Tekkadan's founding ideals-- refuses to fall for the bait. Tekkadan has never been about that kind of power; it's been about the family --about the loyalty that is so alien to McGillis' ambition. It was Orga's losing sight of that that led them here, and he finally starts to return to his old self, too late.

Orga's initial plan wasn't wrong; Gjallarhorn is trying to save face, so they can't be seen overexerting themselves to chase down survivors. Anything that signals weakness (like an inability to crush a band of rag-tag mercs) would just be Edmonton all over again. All Tekkadan has to do is escape and run away.

It's genuinely heartening to see the pendulum swing back, as old allies come out of the woodwork to help their friends (even as McGillis turns his back on the last people willing to help him). And then it all goes wrong.

Unfortunately, at this point only Chad and Ride know the full extent of the plan, assuming Kudelia and Atra do as Orga told them and stay in hiding --with the current situation, they may not. In fact, Tekkadan might need one or both of them in play, because they're the only ones left who can pull Mikazuki out of the killing rage he's going to go into when he learns what's happened.
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