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Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans; Ep 49

Gundam mecha military science fiction

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Posted 30 March 2017 - 06:43 PM

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Episode 49: McGillis Fareed

McGillis has his final showdown with Gaelio, and Tekkadan begins their final battle.

(CW for gore)


With one episode left, it's time to set things up for the traditional climactic battle, and I'm honestly not sure where this show's going to go: it seems like Julieta is being positioned to be Mikazuki's "boss battle," but we've already seen that she's no match for him head-to-head. Without McGillis (and with Kimaris disabled), there's no one soldier on the field who would pose a serious threat. True, a sustained assault would wear down even Barbatos, but having the hero die in a hail of bullets isn't really Gundam's style --it's an editorial mandate that Gundam protagonists can only go out in single combat.

As I said earlier, it's traditional for anime antagonists to vanish up their own asses into madness --and here we see that McGillis' ultimate dream is simple anarchy; a return to nature, red in tooth and claw. A world of unfettered might-makes-right, which. . . actually makes sense, given his backstory, but completely ignores the methodical intelligence and subtlety he showed up until he started unraveling.

It's also interesting that Rustal seems to have won; all of his enemies have been defeated, his control of Gjallarhorn is secure, and he's within hours of wiping out Tekkadan's greatest fighters without placing himself into direct danger.

The only other named character who could get to him now would be Gaelio --him killing Rustal and seizing control of Gjallarhorn to redeem it would make logical sense (he and Julieta are the only truly honourable Gjallarhorn officers left), but I can't see him turning on Rustal so suddenly.

I'm genuinely worried that the show is going to give us a Shoot the Shaggy Dog ending; Mikazuki clearly doesn't intend to live through this battle (it's not like he can escape under his own power after leaving Barbatos), and even the other pilots seem to accept that this is a suicide mission for them. Tekkadan dies, Mars remains under Earth's heel, Gjallarhorn's rule remains absolute. . .
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