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Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans; Ep 50

Gundam mecha military science fiction

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Posted 06 April 2017 - 06:35 PM

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Episode 50: Their Place

Tekkadan fulfills Orga's last command, and the survivors finally reach a world where they can be safe, but it's a pyrrhic victory at best.


While still tragic, the ending wasn't quite as dire as I feared it would be.

I'm prepared to call this the most realistic Gundam finale I've seen; the main villain escapes with no real consequences and the soldiers die in battle, their heroism ultimately pointless to the rest of the world, with only a handful knowing the full sacrifice.

On the other hand, the Seven Stars are abolished, Gjallarhorn is reformed, Mars gains its freedom, and steps have been taken to end the humanitarian crisis in the Outer Spheres. The human victories are smaller; Gaelio and Julieta, in hindsight, realize that they should have done things differently, which will hopefully guide their actions moving forward. Mikazuki's son will hopefully not have to suffer as his father did --though he will grow up never having known his father, or his "uncles."

Ultimately, the only real tragedy (I hesitate to call it a flaw, since it's clearly a deliberate narrative decision) is that the victory ends up happening completely independently of the heroes' actions. They were never more than pawns in a game far larger than any of them knew, manipulated into fighting against the very future they wanted.

And then there's Ride, and his followers. Still playing by the Tekkadan rulebook, bringing bloody "justice" to those who escape it (no one will shed tears for Nobliss the Backstabber). I have to think Ride's faction have their eyes on Rustal, but don't have the means to get at him.

I'm also curious as to where Almiria ends up. She probably wants Rustal dead as much as Ride does --and may have the fortune to allow Ride to get close to him.

The cause of Gaelio's condition is unknown --he was walking around with no trouble when he killed McGillis, so it's clearly not Gundam-induced paralysis like what happened to Mika. The bandages around his neck could suggest he's divested himself of the Alaya-Vijnana System. Perhaps that "demon" still managed to exact a price, or perhaps his immobility is only temporary.

I don't know how well this season did in Japan, but there're plenty of plot threads left if Sunrise wants to do a movie later. If they do, I'll review it here. Until then, thanks for following along!

(* Another forum has noted that the word Kudelia uses for "die" is chiru, which also means "scattered," like flowers that bloom in the desert.)
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