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Cosby's Mistrial and Rape Culture

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Posted 24 June 2017 - 01:51 PM

I came across news about Bill Cosby's mistrial regarding "alleged" sexual assault, and how a couple of jurors had revealed jury deliberations after the trial.

It appears jurors thought that the accuser consented, because she bared her midriff, has incense and bath salt (gifts, she testified), and went to Cosby's house alone. Though they phrase it more like "why else would she do that?". Are you kidding me?! Gawd, a jury of one's peers indeed. I now feel like every jury in a sexual assault case need to see the Tea video….

One also added that whole, the accused has already "paid dearly" for this.
And that the accuser was obviously "well coached" in her testimony and this made her seem untrustworthy.

Cosby, in previous testimony, admitted to sometimes secretly drugging women and sexually assaulting them (though he didn't use that term) when they were under the drugs influence and in various states of consciousness. That is why I put "alleged" in scare marks earlier. He may not understand the concept of consent, but I do, and what he described is sexual assault.

Some people really hate the term rape culture. Culture typically refers to the behaviours and beliefs characteristic of society, or certain subgroups/subtopics in it, and how we transmit these to each other or the next generation. If we needed something to describe a set of behaviours or beliefs around an aspect of our culture, we'd put together a new term to refer to it as as short form. Computer culture. Paper culture. Pop culture. School culture. Nerd culture. Deaf culture. Beauty culture.

Rape culture is it just really a term to refer to this collection of related really twisted ideas of consent, and the permutations and imparting of that in our cultures. Rape culture is just a more systematic way to put in a framework the interconectedness of cultural paradigms around slut-shaming, body-shaming, victim-blaming, consent, rape, sex, sexuality (male and female) and gender roles, and how problematic some of our ideas and expressions on these are.

For example, people will ask why was the person dressed that way, why did they have too much to drink, why did they go alone, etc, etc, etc….

Even if everyone agreed these were indications a person was open, or even giving consent, to sex…. Why is this relevant? Do they not have a concept that a person has to do more to indicate consent besides dress/diet/location choice, and even with explicit non-verbal or verbal consent that they can withdraw consent at any time? And they have to be conscious to give or continue to give consent?

These ideas, of course, have seeped, and codified, into laws here and there. Legally martial rape only stopped being an oxymoron in all of the US and Canada in my lifetime, 1993 & 1983 respectively. Martial rape is still legal and an oxymoron in some countries, such as India and China (that is over 1/3 of the world's population right there…).

While looking at this Cosby story I found out, in North Carolina, that if a woman has given consent for sex that she cannot withdraw consent, legally speaking, after penetration, even if the rapist becomes violent, and have the law charge the rapist with rape. This is due to a 1979 North Carolina Supreme Court ruling…. A legislator has tried to change that recently and has not been able to. He is going to try to resubmit his bill next year.

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Posted 24 June 2017 - 10:35 PM

Thanks for posting this. As you say, rape culture in the U.S. is partially due to widespread ignorance of what constitutes rape, but even just going by the definition of rape as it's almost universally understood, the fact that we have so many untested rape kits in this country is definitive proof of rape culture. We have plenty of resources to ensure that rape kits are tested in a timely manner. We just don't care. And prison rape is commonly seen as not just acceptable but funny.

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