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Getting an "Insecure Connection" warning for Exisle? No worry

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The Path To True Love Never Runs Smooth

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Posted 11 August 2017 - 05:04 PM

I know.  No one cares about Andromeda fic anymore and no one is going to read this or if they do they aren't going to bother leaving a comment.  But I wrote this and I like this and I'm going to post it here because I still love to read about Beka.  And this is a shipper fic of her and Dylan, the right one, so hey, at least it hits all the right notes for me, if no one else.  So, here it is.

Chapter 1

Captain Dylan Hunt was driving himself crazy.  He couldn't stop thinking about Beka Valentine.  It made no sense at all.  She was his first officer and best friend, a captain in her own right.  And Commonwealth protocol precluded any kind of romantic relationship between crewmembers.

Except that things were different.  It was over 300 years later and none of the regulations meant anything anymore.  He started thinking about the woman he admitted to himself that he was interested in.

At the moment she was piloting them through slipstream to another meeting.  She was very beautiful but also so much more than that.  Beka was the best pilot he'd ever come across in all his 300 plus years of life.  And she was a good and loyal friend.  Too bad she couldn't see herself as he saw her.  This meant she probably had no interest in him whatsoever.

"We're there," she suddenly announced.  "Another long, boring and probably formal meeting."

"It's all for a good cause, the restoration of the Commonwealth," he pointed out to her.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Whatever.  It still really, really bites."

And Dylan had to laugh.  Another quality of hers he found endearing was this sarcastic and biting side.
********************************************************************************It was just as Beka had feared.  Another long, boring dinner.  At the end the Zordans signed the charter.  That was good because it made Dylan happy.  Dylan.  That man.  So exasperatingly idealistic.  So different from any of the other men she'd known in her life.  So he was too good for the likes of her.  He would never, ever be interested in her the way that she was interested in him.  She'd just have to find a way to live with that.
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