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Posted 22 October 2017 - 02:40 PM

None of us like to think of ourselves as stupid sheeple, but the reality doesn't care.

Going to big think places like colleges and universities tends to slap us sheeple in the face with disturbing realisations, such as how stupid people are, and that they are indeed sheeple.

History and sociology rub our noses in our own faeces when it comes to people being stupid sheeple. Military history especially is about the relationship between sheeple and the dinks who make war.

For example, the purpose of barracks is to keep the sheeple from running away. They're a means of imprisoning sheeple as part of the game of keeping them trapped so they can't do the sensible thing and run away.

Democracy itself is a matter of convenience. It exists for the sheeple so long as there is no war, or for as long as the sheeple behave, said behaviour being the purview of the dinks in power. So long as it is convenient for us to have Democracy, we have Democracy. But deciding when it is convenient, or not convenient, is for the dinks to decide, and that is decidedly not Democratic.

Depending on what one studies in a place of big thinks, one might or might not be exposed to mind-expanding revelations concerning the Human Condition. One might learn that the General Public is a thing to be studied so that it may be controlled. People with an eye to going into politics study such things. Politics is about manipulating and controlling sheeple.

The General Pubic doesn't know, for example, either that it is trained to behave in a certain manner, nor how it is trained. When one of the sheeple attends a big thinks place, and is exposed to such things, the same things always run through that sheeple's mind: "You're joking!" "No one has the right!" "What does this say about the rights and freedoms of the individual?" "How can we be said to have rights and freedoms when in reality we're trained sheeple and everything we think and do is scripted for us?" "How can we get this invasive dink off our backs and have real social freedom?" and so on.

The aforementioned is the reason we're all sheeple. We can't be said to be free, in any way, shape, or form, until we wrest the keys to the slaughterhouse, kill the dinks, and burn the slaughterhouse to the ground.

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