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US "Gun Culture" Is A Myth

gun culture gun culture is a myth US gun culture gun culture doesnt exist

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#1 gsmonks


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Posted 07 November 2017 - 10:51 AM

I'm sick to death of the "US gun culture" meme, but only belatedly realised that few people realise that it's a b.s. term with no basis or relevance.

Whoever coined this spewism obviously hadn't the slightest idea what the word "culture" means.

Without getting into definitions of "culture", which you can look up for yourself, here are some examples of why it is patent horse turds:

Everyone in 17th century Europe wore shoes. No one would think to refer to the culture of the times as "European shoe culture".

All men used to wear hats. You'd never refer to this as "hat culture".

Everyone uses toilet paper. You'd never refer to our society as a "toilet paper culture".

Historians looking back on US history will make no mention of "gun culture". They will look back on a period where idiocy surrounding guns prevailed, including the quaint meme of the time "gun culture".

Guns can exist within a culture, but they can not entail culture itself. The term is nonsense.

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#2 D.Rabbit


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Posted 11 February 2018 - 07:52 PM

In your opinion you have a point.
However there is a culture of gun collectors.
They go to the gun shows to get their fix of their passion.
Same as going to church to get your fix of the invisible guy.
One gets a buzz on.

Then there is that woman who left her loaded gun with her 2 year old son to play with.
She nearly lost her life when he pulled the trigger.
She said in the interview, that guns where her life. If that is not a cult....

Saying the whole of the US is a gun culture is wrong. It's generalizing but make no mistake, there are pockets of the US where guns are a cultural norm.

Why would the US be a called a gun cult?
From Wiki


The gun culture of the United States can be considered unique among developed countries in terms of the large number of firearms owned by civilians, generally permissive regulations, and relatively high levels of gun violence.

Relatively high when compared to other countries, but one might consider the US should be called the drug cult.
Since prescription drugs have a higher mortality rate than fire arm fatalities.
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#3 243Skunk


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Posted 11 February 2018 - 09:44 PM

Canít wait for the Gen 5 Glock 34 (non MOS) to come out!

Might also get some AR parts for a new build when I get my tax money this year.

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