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How Did the Codec Work in Man of Steel?

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#1 QueenTiye


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Posted 12 February 2018 - 10:48 PM

So, back on Krypton-that-was, babies grew on vines like watermelons. They were bred along "ancient bloodlines" presumably mapped out on an old blackened and broken skull with squiggly marks. And they were bred by caste to fulfill specific functions.

How do we think this all worked?


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#2 D.Rabbit


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Posted 13 February 2018 - 09:53 PM

If it has anything similar to the castes of India, I'm not too sure.
Is it doomed to fail if Krypton ever forms a bill of rights?

With castes there is so much intolerance involved, in India.  The lowest cast are not even allowed into the places of worship.
If a holy man shows up at one of their funerals he can be shunned.

Being a spoil Canadian, where everyone has the right to do what they feel is right, the caste system truly would put a crimp in my fun times.

Even ants don't fallow that type of strict rule. If a young ant does not appear to be suited to the job it was bred to, the older ants will find it something more suitable to its personality. Yes, ants are very evolved.
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Posted 14 February 2018 - 09:30 AM

In the supporting material that was released on line, the families/houses of Krypton were known to be predominantly one thing or another, and prided themselves on their respective roles.

It was stated in the movie that the codex contained the genetic information of all the bloodlines on Krypton, therefore, the genetic templates and accessories were all derived from that codex to begin what I believe was a cloning process (the growing babies on vines), that probably combined the genetic material from the respective bloodlines of the approved parents.  It was also stated that the child’s role in society was also predetermined from birth to fulfill the needs of this feudal society.

While the child was expected to fulfill a particular role, I suspect the families could customize their offspring to a degree to include some desired attributes and predispositions, even as it removed faults and flaws within the code to better ensure that not only would the child survive, but would not be an exceptional drain on the resources of the family and society.


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