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Getting an "Insecure Connection" warning for Exisle? No worry

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Once Upon a Time, S7 E18 - The Guardian

Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time: Season 7

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#1 Sci-Fi Girl

Sci-Fi Girl

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Posted 21 April 2018 - 03:06 PM

Airdate April 20, 2018


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Following Nick's death, Weaver discovers the Dark One Dagger has been taken and sets out to get it back, even if it means betraying Roni's trust. Meanwhile, Margot takes Tilly on a date, but their time together takes an unexpected twist. In a flashback, Rumple, desperate to be reunited with Belle, pays Alice a visit.

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#2 sierraleone


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Posted 21 April 2018 - 08:54 PM

I actually caught this one on my old browser.

Wasn't this Nick guy Henry's friend in the other realm? Or was that some other guy? Chances are even if it was his friend he'll have no time to grieve over it once he realizes it anyways ;)

So Lucy's parentage is now in the open.

I like Alice and Robin.

Robin knew a Storybrooke bracelet fad? I assume she was being honest and it wasn't an excuse to give a gift. I mean I know we've seen less than 1% of 1% of her life, just noting this is the first confirmation *I've seen* she actually still has kept-up links there (where she has no blood relatives, seeing how her mother, aunt, cousin, and brother are all not in Storybrooke). Though it did seem like there was a college-ish scene once that *seemed* in a land without magic now that I am thinking about it.

I hope Roni smartens up soon about Facilie (or whatever his Hyperion Heights name is).

Also… has Robin (either in actuality or her false memories) been to the earth's antipode of Seattle? Or the land closest to it? Which would be some French Southern and Antarctic Lands which hardly have a population of a couple dozen researchers ;) . After that I think Madagascar and South Africa are nearest to Seattle's antipode. Of course, she could have been being poetic ;)

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#3 RJDiogenes


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Posted 22 April 2018 - 05:20 PM

Oh, man, I thought the deadly kiss would happen in that last scene. You know it's got to happen eventually.

In this episode, we really saw Rumpy like we've never seen him before. Not just scared and frustrated, but literally powerless against Facilier-- that scene where Facilier banished him to his car with a wave of his hand was pretty amazing. I still think there's got to be more to Facilier than meets the eye and he is not out to get the dagger just for its own sake-- I suspect he will play a big part in the breaking of the curse. And we also saw Rumpy return to full Dark One mode after Belle's death, yet still retain enough sense of self to pull back from passing along the Dark One curse to Alice at the last moment.

It was kind of heartwarming to see Alice and Robin recreating their relationship under the curse, completely unaware of their past relationship-- they remind me of Snow and Charming, always gravitating to each other. I like the whole bookstore thing, too.

I was disappointed that Nick was really dead. Up until the last moment, I thought they would find him in a coma or something. On a show that has constantly returned to the theme of redemption, it feels wrong that he should die without a chance to atone-- especially given that his actions were due to madness brought on by childhood trauma. Maybe they still have something up their sleeves for him before the show ends.
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