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Detroit: Become Human

Quantic Dream

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Posted 08 June 2018 - 02:50 PM

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Detroit: Become Human is a great game, though it won’t be for everyone. If you liked previous Quantic Dream games than you will like this one.

The story is set in the near future. A company called CyberLife has created androids that look human and can perform a variety of tasks. They have helped to revitalize the city of Detroit and the American economy but they have also put a lot of people out of jobs.

The game follows three androids: Connor, Kara, and Markus.

Connor is a prototype android designed to help the police track down deviants, androids that are no longer following their programming. He starts the game rather naïve and is partnered with Hank, a gruff cop who hates androids.

I liked Connor a lot, and I feel like out of the three characters his is the one that can change the most. I think you can definitely play him as a hero, villain, or anywhere in between. I’d say he was my favorite character.

Kara is a maid android who was recently put through some trauma and had her memory reset. She works for an unemployed man and his young daughter Alice. She discovers signs that Alice is being abused, which leads Kara to become a deviant and run away with Alice.

Markus is a medic android caring for a rich old man named Carl. The two have a father/son dynamic. Events occur that cause Markus to go on the run, and he will eventually inspire an uprising of androids, though whether that will be a peaceful one will be up to you.

It is a great story, with plenty of branching paths. There were times I thought I had done everything I could or explored all of my options only to find out that I hadn’t.

The story can get pretty emotional. I was wrapped up in these characters and their lives. I wanted to do my best to ensure they all got their happy endings. There were times I was pumping my arms for joy or on the edge of my seat with suspense or sad about the turns the game had taken.

The world building is superb. Magazines are spread throughout all the chapters that you can read. It fills in background on androids and how they are taking over many aspects of life, including sports and music. There is also a war brewing between the United States and Russia over who owns the arctic.

The story can hit you over the head with its themes at times. Androids have to ride in the back of the bus, for instance and there are android only entrances. Many places put up “No androids allowed” signs.

The flow-chart that you are shown at the end of every chapter is a great addition to the game. It helps show you the short and long term effects of your actions, as well as paths that are locked because of decisions you made.

The script for the game was apparently over 2,000 pages long and it apparently has triple the story paths as compared to Heavy Rain. It will be interesting to compare my first play through with those of others just to see all the different choices that were made and how different the endings might be.

The game also tracks the relationships between the three main characters and the people they are surrounded by. This can lead to a lot of different paths, as well. For instance, Connor can win over Hank and the two can become true partners or the two can become hostile to each other.

The game play is like the other Quantic Dream games. There are QT events that require you to push a button or move the stick in a certain direction. Connor and Markus’s sections usually feature more action simply because of who they are and what they are doing. Kara’s sections are more the emotional core of the game.

I absolutely loved Detroit: Become Human and can see myself playing it a few more times just to see how different the game can be depending on the choices made.
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