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Timeless - Finale - "The Miracle of Christmas" Parts 1 & 2

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#1 RJDiogenes


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Posted 21 December 2018 - 06:03 PM

Oh, yeah, I was the one doing the timeless threads.  :angel:


With a little help from their future selves, Lucy and Wyatt, along with the rest of the team, journey to the California Gold Rush and the Korean War's Hungnam evacuation in a daring bid to save Rufus and stop Rittenhouse once and for all.


The team gets Rufus back, Jessica's betrayal is dealt with by Garcia Flynn as the team is in N. Korea when the Chinese invasion occurred.  

Is it the end?  A new beginning?  Or just an eternal loop?  Or is it the end?  Or a new beginning?  Or just an eternal loop?
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#2 RJDiogenes


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Posted 21 December 2018 - 06:05 PM

Well, the Timeless finale delivered everything it needed to. It wrapped up the Rittenhouse storyline (with a nice little twist), resolved several personal storylines (mostly by killing relatives or leaving them dead), brought Flynn's arc full  circle, gave us a look at the lives of the main characters four or five years hence, left the door open for further  adventures-- and, of course, brought back Rufus.

It also maintained the historical adventures angle of the series by contriving to bring the characters to the Old West in the first hour and the Korean War in the second. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the finale were adapted from a couple of existing scripts, which is fine. It gave the fans of the show what they wanted to see, rather than trying to be shocking or game changing or controversial or otherwise stupid. Just the regular old stupid that originally endeared us to the show.  I'm not going to complain about, or even contemplate, the wonky time travel physics involved, since that's beside the point.  Timeless is essentially The Time Tunnel for the 21st century-- we get to see some characters that we like escape peril in various historical settings.

Now hopefully they'll release the director's cut on DVD.
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#3 zarkon

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Posted 21 December 2018 - 06:37 PM

I loved how this ended.  They also showed proper restraint when it was clear that to fix everything and put it back as it was for certain individuals, it was clear the time line had been messed with enough and the consequences always had unexpected backlash.

Finally, the most important bits were fixed and it was time to leave it alone.   Well Done  ;-)

It was also nice they gave some backstory here and there to provide a little more detail to the characters and their motivations.

Also love the new auto pilot model.  of course then you could also have some idiot get in there and fire it up and really make a mess.
Smart to destroy it....     keep the old clunky one that takes multiple bodies to make it work...  just in case of future troubles, which they hinted at near the end with some girl sketching a time machine,,,''

Who knows, maybe somebody will come up with the new travel series again.

#4 Christopher

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Posted 21 December 2018 - 07:46 PM

Well, the show ended on a pretty typical note -- moderately entertaining, not very deep, and with totally incoherent temporal logic. It makes no sense to spend two years showing history get drastically changed from where the show started, then turn around and claim it's a consistent time loop. The Lucy that would've existed in the original timeline and given the book to Flynn can't possibly be the same person as the Lucy we saw at the end of this movie -- especially when the 2023 Lucy we saw at the end isn't even the same one we saw at the beginning of this movie.

None of the chase-through-time stuff really engaged me that much, because the stakes were extremely low. I was wondering at the end of season 2 how Emma could ever be made into an effective archvillain when she didn't seem to have any real agenda or master plan, and apparently the answer was that she couldn't. She was just out for money and trying to get the team out of the way, no larger scope to the conflict, no fate-of-the-world stakes. Really, the threat of Rittenhouse was resolved at the end of last season, with Emma and Julia being the only survivors, who had no investment in R.'s agenda and were just nebulously evil. So the Rittenhouse element here was little more than a token. For a series climax, it was a surprisingly small story. It was mostly about wrapping up the character arcs, and hardly seemed interested in its villain. Not that I can fault a show for putting its characters first, but usually you want to have something interesting and important to pit them against as the catalyst for their personal journeys. This whole "epic" finale was really about nothing more than tying off loose plot threads. It was basically an afterthought. Hardly seems worth it.
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#5 Cybersnark


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Posted 22 December 2018 - 11:08 AM

I did love how everyone was left; Wyatt as a dad, Lucy teaching history ("where were all the men?" "There just wasn't time. Maybe next semester."), Rufus & Jiya running their own company (well, Jiya running it while Rufus stays comfortably behind the scenes).

I also enjoyed the Home Alone reference ("Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals") and the Antonio Banderas Zorro references (Murietta's brother's pickled head in a jar).

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