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Arrow: Emerald Archer

Arrow DC CW 150th Episode

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Posted 05 February 2019 - 09:56 PM

This was the 150th and they brought back a lot of old characters, even if some of them were on screen only for a minute or so. I was surprised to see Sin since she wasn't that big of a character and hasn't been seen since the third season. I loved seeing Rory again since I liked Ragman but it worries me that his fate was left up in the air.

Always good to see Quentin. His loss is still felt. I do wish the show would bring Thea back, though with Emiko maybe they think having two of Oliver's sisters running around with a bow and arrow would be too much.

Nick, Curtis's cop boyfriend, puts in an appearance. I had forgotten about him since I don't think we have seen him since the season premiere. I'm assuming he is still dating Curtis.

I liked Chimera and thought he was a good threat but it felt anti-climactic when they captured him and revealed he was a fan boy that took his obsession to new heights. This is a guy who apparently has taken down several vigilantes and was able to capture Emiko and in the end they treated it like no big deal.

It was so good seeing the team back together again. This season has been good but it has, by design, split the focus. Oliver has been in prison and then has been dealing with being an officially sanctioned vigilante. Dinah has been working to gain the public's trust back in the police force. Diggle and Curtis have been at ARGUS. Felicity has gone to some dark places to protect her family. Rene has been helping out the new Green Arrow. The season just hasn't had a clear focus or arc like in past seasons.

This feels like a turning point since the team has now been deputized by the anti-vigilante mayor and they are looking to rebuild the Arrow Cave.

William is back (teen William, I mean) and has some issues. He snaps at Felicity and then tries to hide the fact that he was expelled. You can see where some of adult William's abandonment issues come from. I do wonder why William was expelled. He mentioned to Zoey that he might have tried to make a move on a crush and since we know William is gay maybe he went after a straight boy and it ended badly? Then again it might not have anything to do with his sexuality.

Nice tease there at the end tying the documentary into the flash forward. I do wonder what the point of the flash forwards are. If this is supposed to be the set in stone future it is rather bleak and not a future I hope actually happens. Without time travel though I don't see how this future is supposed to be avoided. Hopefully things will become clearer the closer we get to the finale.

Barry's cameo was fun. His comment about Oliver being damaged was hilarious and I liked how he lied so badly about knowing Oliver was the Green Arrow.

This was a good episode and a great way to celebrate seven seasons and 150 episodes of Arrow. I thought it was better than the 100th episode, which was smack dab in the middle of that year's cross-over event and so tried to be an anniversary episode and the middle chapter of the cross-over.

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