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MCU's Captain Marvel

mcu carol danvers captain m

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#1 G-man


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Posted 16 March 2019 - 04:16 PM

This was a great film.

For a flip on the whole origin story structure, the title character already has her abilities, but does not remember who she is.  However, in the course of a mission things happen and suddenly questions are raised ... so we're discovering her origins at the same time she is.

The film successfully synthesizes Marvel's Captain Marvel (as opposed to Fawcett/DC's Captain Marvel who must be called SHAZAM) history into something fresh, with some judicious editting, and drawing mostly from the stories where Carol Danvers first assumes the mantle of Captain Marvel, producing a truly engaging heroine who deserves to stand alongside the others.

I whole-heartedly recommend you catch it, as it is definitely one of the MCU's stronger entries.

My Final Rating:  Wow (Wow, OK, Eh, Sigh, Blech)


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#2 zarkon

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Posted 17 March 2019 - 11:20 AM

I totally agree.   Great summary G-man  ;-)  This was a fun ride all the way through.

It also explains some origins regarding where certain things may have got their start or arrived on earth.   2nd extra explains one of those.

Also, after credits, there are 2 extras.  1 is shortly after end of film, and the other is the very end of the credits.

Watch the first extra, take a bathroom break and catch the final shot at the end.  

Oh, if you like cats  ;-),  You will love this movie   ;-)

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