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Getting an "Insecure Connection" warning for Exisle? No worry

Details in this thread

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY - S2, E12: "Through the Valley of Shadows&#

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#1 FarscapeOne

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Posted 04 April 2019 - 09:40 AM

A fourth signal leads the U.S.S. Discovery to an insular world, where Pike is forced to make a life-changing choice. Burnham and Spock investigate a Section 31 ship gone rogue, leading to a discovery with catastrophic consequences.

#2 FarscapeOne

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Posted 06 April 2019 - 08:48 AM

A good episode.

It feels like the conclusion to this arc is happening a little fast.  Maybe it's my imagination.

Interesting revelation about Boreth... and quite a dangerous thing to have around.

And Pike... we get to see how he became crippled, though we already knew how it happens.  Pike is a very honorable and self-sacrificing man... it makes his end with the Talosians feel much more like the universe is giving him some semblance of a reward.  Something tells me Spock finds out about Pike's future and was figuring out how to help Pike for a very long time.

I really doubt the ship will be destroyed.  I think it will be left to go on its own, hide, and evolve into Zora.  My only question is, if that does happen, how does DISCOVERY get back to the past?

(Side thought... with the time crystal, what if the ship was sent to the past, and it hid for those 1,000 years?  We seem to keep assuming it's the future is where it ends up.)

With only two episodes left, there is a lot to finish.

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