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Learn Grammar Or Be A Lout

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#1 gsmonks


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Posted 02 May 2019 - 02:28 PM

A young acquaintance of mine is mad at me for calling him a lout.

Here is why I called him a lout: he doesn't know grammar.

Why does not knowing grammar make a person a lout?

Simple. If you don't know grammar, you can't parse a sentence. If you can't parse a sentence, you can't properly conduct critical thinking, aka Logic. If you can't create a sentence using the tools of Logic, you can't reason. If you can't reason, you're a lout, plain and simple.

Back in the early 70's the textbook for Logic (aka "critical thinking") was a little blue and grey book titled Logic. The first example in the book, of something that seems logical to the layman, but isn't, is, "Hugo insulted me, so I punched him on the nose."

This was the example I had used, which my young acquaintance was unable to comprehend as being flawed reasoning (he's always talking about getting into fights when he plays hockey).

Unable to comprehend. Think about that a moment. Because he lacks grammar, and therefore Logic, he is unable to grasp that his behaviour is unacceptable.

Lots of people get ticked off when it is pointed out that they're a lout. What they fail to understand is that loutishness is the very source of their anger.
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#2 D.Rabbit


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Posted 30 July 2019 - 12:19 AM

I was most relieved after watching a couple of these shows, to learn that grammar as we knew it, is no longer.
It evolves.

No need to worry about your dangling participles. Let them dangle!

Now this might just be a symptom of the dumbing down of society.
As Pinker says they had to change the text on the warning that said if you use your gas generator indoors it could be hazardous to your health. After several people died, they changed it to: Use it indoors and it will kill you.

Critical thinking is not taught in school, they can't keep us slaves if we can see our way around their games.

Most folks are louts, it's not necessarily their fault. They are trained to fallow the leader and not make waves.
Have some Zoloft etc. sit in the corner and drool.

As your argument goes with your loutish acquaintance he might just punch you in the face because you have something he does not. That bully in the school yard that picked on the nerd types?
Stupid people think they are intelligent, not a lot of folks around to contradict them. :D
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#3 gsmonks


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Posted 01 August 2019 - 12:11 PM

Without good grammar, you can't properly reason. That's why grammar was worked-on and improved many years ago. It was done so that people could think and act logically.

The average person today is unable to see through spurious, erroneous reasoning, especially in politics.

THAT is a problem. It's how Trump, Ford, and other trolls got in.
Capitalism is a pyramid scheme run by the 1%.

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