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Carbon Tax Nonsense

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Posted 03 May 2019 - 01:42 PM

Our Canadian political swine want us hoi polloi to "change our ways", to use their arrogant, pig-ignorant, condescending, swinish yakkey-spew.

"That's what the Carbon Tax is all about," the swine are grunting and yakkey-spewing.

Well, listen up, morons: the average person is not in any position to "change [his] ways", as the profane stink coming out of your pie-hole declares.

Solar? Geo-thermal? An electric car? Really? How well-heeled do you filthy swine think the average person is?

Go ahead and tax the producers of carbon, but stop boning joe-average up the arse for no sane reason.

Proof yet again that politicians are out of touch with pretty much everyone.
Capitalism is a pyramid scheme run by the 1%.

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