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Supergirl/The Flash/Arrow finales

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Posted 23 May 2019 - 09:44 AM

I did really bad this year putting up threads for these shows. I apologize for that. Work kept me a lot busier than I thought it would. Here are reviews for the three finales.

Supergirl – The Quest for Peace

This was a fantastic finale that wrapped up the season arc in a satisfying manner while setting up lots of plots for the next season.

While I am partial to season 2, I think season 4 has been the strongest season of the show so far. Once they introduced Lex and revealed his master plan all the various threads of the season came together beautifully. It was a magnificent moment and a master stroke for the writers.

Hiring Jon Cryer as Lex was also a bold move and one that paid off. He is a fantastic Lex Luthor and this version of Lex will probably rank high compared to the others. He is cold and calculating yet has a fun side. Well, fun for Lex like when he is singing My Way while killing the Kaznian soldiers.

Lena killing Lex in cold blood was a shock but it felt earned after everything he put her through. Lex being Lex, though, he stuck the knife in deep by revealing that Kara is Supergirl. The ramifications of this will reverberate all through next season. I have no idea what Lena will do now.

It was so good seeing Lockwood getting the crap kicked out of him. He has been a terrific villain which made his downfall all the better. I wonder what he thinks about his son preaching peace and acceptance while he rots away in jail?

Lex wasn’t wrong when he said Red Daughter was either stupid or extremely naïve. She had all the information she needed about Lex at her fingertips but never did anything with it. Still, she redeemed herself by saving Kara.

I’m not really sure how J’onn and Dreamer overloaded the power station but it worked and provided both of them with a great heroic moment. Dreamer has really come into her own in these last few episodes and I hope she stays with the show for a long time.

I wasn’t happy with how quickly Brainy rebooted himself. I didn’t want him to stay cold and calculating but his reboot happened way too fast. At least it happened because of his love for Dreamer.

I felt the same way about the wrap-up at the end. The president and Lockwood getting arrested that fast because of Kara’s article was a little unbelievable. I mean, we have a report here that shows our president did try to obstruct justice and about half of Americans either don’t care or don’t believe it.

Still, I like the message that the power of the press is a good thing and can help our democracy. The same is true about the message of tolerance and acceptance. Those are things we need more of in this world.

I do wish the fight between Supergirl and Lex has been better. It mainly seemed to be Supergirl flipping around dodging blasts.

The Monitor cameo here was pretty good. He brings J’onn’s evil brother to Earth and then it looks like he may be bringing Luthor back to life.

I am surprised that they are bringing Leviathan into the show. That is a really new threat in the comics under Bendis and the big event with them is this summer.

I wasn’t too excited when season 4 began. I didn’t like that we lost Winn and Mon-El. Season 3 had been a big mess and wasted a lot of its potential. I didn’t like the darker tone season 4 was taking. I have to admit I was wrong to be worried. This season hit it out of the ball park and was incredibly strong with several amazing villains and a great message at its center.

The Flash – Legacy

I wasn’t as thrilled with this finale. The disparate threads of Cicada, the dagger, and Thawne didn’t come together nearly as well as Lex’s plans over in Supergirl.

Quite frankly, I wasn’t thrilled about bringing Thawne back anyways. He is a good villain but I don’t think any of his appearances (save maybe for the Legion of Doom) have been anywhere near as good as his season 1 arc.

I also really wish this show would stop messing around with time travel because they follow now set rules and change things to suit their whims. It really irked me when no one expressed any concern over Nora traveling to the past and changing the future when we spent multiple episodes in season 3 with everyone pissed at Barry for doing the exact same thing.

I also hated how when Barry destroyed the dagger it disappeared right as Thawne was about to be executed. If it was destroyed in the past then it never existed so Thawne never could have been held prisoner by it. Ugh. Just whatever.

Cisco taking the cure and losing his Vibe powers didn’t really feel earned. I don’t think the season really built up to this moment in a credible fashion. It never felt like Cisco the man was being subsumed by Cisco the superhero, especially since Cisco rarely went out as Vibe. I think he could have stopped being Vibe without taking away his powers, especially since they proved so useful here.

The final battle between Team Flash and Thawne was pretty good. They worked together well and out the beat down on Thawne.
Nora disappearing was sad though I never really warmed to her character as much as I thought I would. I do wonder if they will find a way to bring her back next season.

Captain Singh knows that Barry is the Flash. I love that. I guess we won’t be seeing much of him anymore but at least Joe is now in charge of the precinct. That should make it easier on Barry to juggle his two jobs.

Not unsurprisingly, Sherloque leaves at the end of the episode. I will miss him. He wasn’t my favorite Wells but he was a good one. I wonder what Wells we will get next season.

Ralph stepped up in a big way and I like that he used his detective skills to figure out Thawne’s plans. I hope we see more of those skills next season.

The Crisis newspaper changes once again, this time moving the date of the Crisis up to 2019.

Arrow – You Have Saved This City

Much like the season finale of The Flash, I thought Arrow’s finale was just okay.

Part of that reason is there wasn’t a lot of tension heading into the finale. The previous finales have had really strong lead-in episodes and villains. You truly didn’t know what Chase would do or if Oliver and his team could defeat Diaz.

Here though I didn’t care about Emiko or the Ninth Circle. They had another generic terrorist plan to destroy Star City and that was about it. Emiko’s hatred of Oliver wasn’t fleshed out all that well and their final confrontation was rather weak. Emiko switched sides a little too easily.

The flash forward section was good. I have been enjoying them this season. If the rumors are true and they are contemplating a spin-off focusing on the next generation I would watch it. The characters are likeable and there is plenty for them to do.

It’s sad that this is Emily Bett Rickard’s last episode. Well, last as a regular. I’m hoping she returns for the series finale. If not, I felt the character was given a good send-off here. She has given the next generation of Team Arrow all the help she can and she now rides off into the sunset with the Monitor to go see Oliver, though it isn’t made clear if Oliver is dead or in some other dimension. They are really teasing the Crisis.

It was nice to see Curtis again. I felt that he wasn’t really given a proper send-off so his return was much appreciated. I loved that he is about to propose to Nick.

I also liked that Black Siren returned. At first I wasn’t happy to have yet another villain turned good guy but unlike some of the other ones on this and other CW shows, Siren actually tried to do good and worked to make up for her past mistakes. That is a far cry from Merlyn, who did horrible things and everybody just seemingly forgot because they needed his help.

If the Ninth Circle was targeting Oliver’s family, wouldn’t that include William? I doubt he is all that safe with his grandparents yet neither Oliver nor Felicity seemed to think he needed to go into seclusion with them.

I am curious to know how next season will play out. Presumably the actual Crisis episodes will be the 9th episodes again. If that is the case, what will Oliver be doing the other 8 episodes seeing as how he left with the Monitor to deal with the Crisis at the end of this episode?
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