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Why Earth's New Wobble?

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#1 Mark

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Posted 21 August 2020 - 12:36 AM

Mark: Anybody hear the Earth's mass ditribution has shifted so much it's causing the natural wobble during our rotation to change?
The interesting part is why the change is occurring. It seems China, with it's unprecedented use of concrete, and India's unprecedented pumping of trillions of gallons of ground and underground water to feed it's huge population are the culprits! Terrifyingly strange, but true.  Apparently China in the last 10 years has used more concrete than North America did during the entire 20th century!

NASA scientists are saying that if something isn't done to counter the new shift in mass and resulting new wobble, Earth's equator will end up at a new latitude...that happens to be where North America currently happily resides. The result of that result? Well, at least one result NASA scientists seem agreeing on, is North American will become a desert wasteland, similar to Death Valley.

This isvtruly frightening to me me. It seems the new changes in Earth's mass distribution wouldn't normally affect Earth's wobble so much (because Earth is so heavy), however the scientist say the change in mass is occurring at a sweet spot. I guess it's similar to putting English (or spin) on a billiard ball when striking it just right with a cue, or perhaps the striking of the cue to the ball is more representative of the concept of changing mass, changing wobble, changing everything?
I don't know. I just know something needs to be done to counter the shift in mass before the final outcome.
Some suggest mass building projects on the opposite side of the planet, say in say Brazil, may offset the change enough to stop wobble from a new doomed spin.  (there is an obvious joke in here, but I refuse to employ it) 😇 Maybe later, when comic relief is more appropriate.

I'll be keeping an eye on this situation. Oh, btw, have you heard the Three Gorges Dam is currently becoming critically full because of catastrophic floods in China? I wonder if this will exacerbate the situation?

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#2 D.Rabbit


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Posted 24 August 2020 - 04:21 PM

Imagine if all those concrete buildings where actually occupied?

China gets its concrete supplies from Australia if you have not seen the docs yet.
Australia is getting lighter adding more stress to the cue ball.
This is not the doc I wanted to find, but you can get the idea of the weight transfer around the 5 minute mark.

All we need is the San Andrea's Fault to take the edge off! Maybe the Yellowstone Caldera to activate?
The planet is an iffy place at best.

Not too worried about the water, what goes into a human eventually needs to come out again.

The 3 Gorge Damn was a mistake, they had better shore it up.
Maybe it will wash out some of the concrete?

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