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Getting an "Insecure Connection" warning for Exisle? No worry

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Help Topic: Demigods

The 'Demigod' member group contains professionals whose work involves various production stages of science fiction media. Members of this group may be readily identified by the green 'bar' accompanying their posts (similar to the blue bars of moderators, and so on). Users are only added to this group when their identity has been verified by the Ex Isle staff.

A list of the identities of the 'Demigods', most of which was posted by Nick:

Christopher = Christopher L. Bennett, author of several works of Star Trek prose fiction and original science fiction. (Since Christopher is a Moderator, he does not appear as a member of the Demigod group.)

ethlie = Ethlie Ann Vare, a former writer for shows such as Andromeda, Renegade, and Adventure Inc, as well as several novels.

Giglamash = Ashley Edward Miller, also a former Andromeda writer as well as umm . . . other stuff

KRAD = Keith R. A. DeCandido, has written many novels based on Star Trek, Andromeda, Farscape, and lots of other stuff too.

Little Green Man = Jack Trevino. Wrote a number of spec stories for Star Trek TNG and DS9... most notably "Little Green Men" for DS9.

matt = Matt Kiene, also a former writer for Andromeda. Worked on Buffy, SAAB, and Law & Order as well.

MuseZack = The other half of the ZackAsh duo, Zack Stentz. Also a former writer for Andromeda.

Robert Hewitt Wolfe = Working on the upcoming series "4400", developed, ran the show, trained the monkeys and juggled puppies at Andromeda, then got fired to make room for stupidity and bonanza music. Best known for his work on that Star Trek show about some space station and crinkly-nosed folks. ;)

Una McCormack = The author of "Face Value" in DS9: Prophecy & Change and the Cardassia installment in the upcoming Worlds of DS9 trilogy, as well as being well-known in fanfic circles.

VFXMike = Mike ?, a member of the in-house 3d visual effects department for Andromeda. Not part of Lost Boys studio, which is where Andromeda outsources some of the VFX work to.

Woodmansee = Paul Woodmansee, former? science consultant on Andromeda, works for JPL and was involved in the latest Mars rover mission. Runs an informative website here and his wife is an author.

writergroupie = Jill Sherwin, former writer's assistant on both DS9 and Andromeda. Compiled "Quotable Star Trek" and "The Definitive Star Trek Trivia Book".