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Getting an "Insecure Connection" warning for Exisle? No worry

Details in this thread

AQG Forum Guidelines

Introductory Statement from Moderators, as of January 8, 2006
AQG will first and foremost be moderated in line with the guidelines set out for the board at large. As always, members are expected to maintain the level of civility and decorum they're asked to hold to everywhere else on Ex Isle.

Monitoring the level of discourse is the primary function of the AQG moderators; they're here to keep the peace and ask those not in line with the board-agreed level of discourse to come into compliance.

AQG Moderators are not the first line of answering questions regarding policy. As such, AQG moderators are identical in function to moderators of any other forum on EI. While this is a forum for gripes and questions, we ask patience, as while the AQG moderators may be the first to read your post, they may not have the answers you're looking for.

As to specific functions of the forum: The "Announcements" is meant to be official announcements about the board as a whole. Announcements about you dog having puppies, or your going on vacation belong in the beach, and will be moved. It's not that we don't like reading them, it's a matter of everything in its proper place.

AQG Forum Charter
The purpose of AQG is to provide a forum for the Staff to announce news of boardwide interest, answer questions about this message board, and gather feedback from the membership about the board, its features, and its administration. Constructive criticism is welcome, but angry flames, belittling posts, or accusations of intentional impropriety directed at the Staff or other community members do not further the beneficial purpose of the forum.

Appropriate Tone of Posts
All AQG posters should carefully control the tone of their posts so that they respect other members and obey the Board Guidelines or they will be publicly warned. Additionally, when criticizing Staff action, bear in mind that members of the Staff are first and foremost ExIslers like yourself and are entitled to the same rights and privileges. Accordingly, the Staff have the same right not to be insulted, have our integrity or intelligence questioned, or otherwise subjected to personal attacks.

Public Requests for Suspensions or Warnings of Others
We've had several comments, and even some threads, calling publicly for the suspension or warning of this or that member by another poster. From here on, all such requests are to be made via PM. We do not want board-wide witch hunts; we do not want posters making public accusations toward others via public proclamations of their guilt. This includes starting threads to report perceived moderatorial inconsistencies. Warnings or suspensions given are always subject to discussion in AQG, but threads that berate mods for things they did not do are better handled as PMs to the admins about violations that went unnoticed. Admins and mods will not respond to any public complaints of this type and repeated incidents of such posts will be grounds for warnings or suspensions.

Scope of Discussion
Staff will generally always respond to questions about why a member was suspended or warned. We will not, however, respond to why other people you may name were not warned or suspended for alleged violations you believe to be similar. The sole criterion for discussion of a mod action is whether the warned or suspended member violated a Board Guideline or posted Forum Policy.

Debates About or Involving Other Boards
The staff has concluded that debates about EI's relations with other boards (or involving issues from any other board) are in fact bringing disputes from another board here. Every poster registered at EI is subject to the guidelines of EI. Period.

No Spamming, Please
Thread drift is allowed and welcomed as part of the natural evolution of a thread. However, we do not allow blatant spamming to derail meaningful discussion. This includes attempts to start a "donut party" or overpower another poster's attempts at contributing to the discussion. If the mod asks you to keep a thread on track, please heed the request.

The starting of multiple threads calling out perceived Staff infractions or mistakes will also be grounds for suspension, if they are seen as a 'spamming' approach. This is not intended to rule out legitimate posts questioning moderator actions, but instead to limit the proliferation of threads arising out the same essential grievance that is the subject of an already existing thread. Such duplicative threads will also be locked.

Under the public warning system, we generally do not request edits for personal attacks. In most instances, the offending posts will be left unaltered to preserve the public record. If the attack involves vulgar or obscene suggestions, or violates copyright or other laws, or incites other members to violate guidelines, then a mod may edit on the spot and remove any subsequent quoting of it.

Locking and Deleting Threads
The Staff's general preference is to avoid locking or deleting forum threads. However, the Staff may from time to time lock or delete a thread if it is determined to violate the Guidelines, deemed necessary for the effective administration of the AQG moderation policy, or otherwise determined necessary under the circumstances.

Communicating with Staff
If any poster feels unfairly treated by the staff or sees any other poster violating the guidelines, please PM the relevant mod or admin. It is a good idea to PM more than one person (though let's cap at two or three, please--do not PM the entire admin or moderator staff) just in case the one person you PM is away. Discussions of potential violations, determination of sanctions or demands for edits should not be a matter of public debate on the board. Do not make posts or start threads about such matters.

If you ask the staff a question in this forum, please don't get angry or feel you're being dismissed if the answer takes a few days in coming. We like to confer first on most things in the Staff Lounge, and with all the different time zones and demands on people's schedules it can be a little while before a response is formulated.

The PM System
Just a quick note about PM's: The PM system is what we use for these types of communications. You may not wish to use it, but it is the only venue through which the staff communicates privately with members. Any other system compromises the privacy of our own email accounts.

We reserve the right to edit this policy in the light of new developments. If the policy changes we will include a date of edit in the subtitle, and bump the thread to the top of the stickies pile.
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