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Getting an "Insecure Connection" warning for Exisle? No worry

Details in this thread

Exploring the Universe Forum Guidelines

Welcome to Exploring the Universe. This is a place where you can come to discuss or ask questions about the workings of SF universes, about the fictional background against which the stories are set, as opposed to reviews of specific episodes or discussions of the cast and crew. It can be anything from "How many worlds were in the Old Commonwealth?" or "What deck of Voyager is Engineering on?" to an in-depth analysis of temporal physics or the evolutionary biology of an alien species or the ethics of first contact. This is the place for any kind of "behind the scenes" question about the fictional reality of an SF universe, as opposed to ones about the production, the actors, the writers etc. Anything that extrapolates beyond the parts of the fictional world that we see and hear about onscreen or read about in a book, and lets us fill in our understanding of it a little more.

By its nature, this forum has a science-oriented focus, but we welcome SF discussion from the perspective of all branches of science, "hard" and "soft" alike. Threads about galactic history, alien psychology and interstellar politics are as welcome as threads about physics and engineering. After all, science fiction itself is the fusion of the physical and social sciences, postulating technological advances and examining their cultural, political and moral ramifications. But you don't need a science degree to participate -- just a healthy curiosity about SF universes and how they work.

In fact, we wouldn't kick out a thread that attempted to explore a fantasy universe in this way, talking about, say, how the Slayer power gets passed down through the generations, or the political geography of Middle Earth, or the ethical issues of wizard/Muggle relations. Anything that lets us explore our favorite imaginary universes in more depth -- this is the place for it.

We're not here to be an ivory tower, we're here to exercise our imaginations, and to be a resource for people who have questions about the workings of any universe, including this one.
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