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Getting an "Insecure Connection" warning for Exisle? No worry

Details in this thread

Reviews Forum Guidelines

The Reviews forum is a place where critical discussion of books, films, television shows, plays, music, games, etc. takes place. Strong opinions may be expressed, as long as they concentrate on the text being reviewed and not on the perceived deficiencies of other posters. All out rants are not discussions, and ranting posters may be asked to cool it.

If conversations get heated, I will intervene to ask people to scale back the rhetoric. However I donít intend to police the possibilities of people having their feelings hurt because a poster has a negative opinion of a text they happen to like.

Grounds and Processes for Revoking Member Posting Privileges in Reviews.

Members' posting privileges will be suspended very rarely. If a poster violates the guidelines spelled out above, I will try to resolve the situation amicably, and will treat suspension only as a last resort if all else fails to correct the poster's behavior. In every instance, before suspending a poster for continued antagonism toward other posters and failure to heed the moderatorís requests for calm, I will post in the thread and send to the offender by PM the announcement that the next example of bad behavior will result in a suspension.

However, certain actions are severe enough to trigger an automatic suspension. They include:

1. Posting pornography or other obscene materials.

2. Posting anything libelous about or threatening specific harm to another poster.

3. Posting anything that violates Ex Isle's terms of service agreement.

4. Posting anything promoting illegal activities, or linking to sites which promote such activities: this includes cracking ("hacking"), phreaking, warez, and pyramid schemes.

5. Posting content advertising commercial services unrelated to board matters or interests.

6. Engaging in or promoting any activities which attempt to attack/compromise Ex Isle's security and/or gain unauthorized access to secured sections.

7. Spamming by posting the same content repeatedly to multiple threads in a manner that disrupts communication.

8. Posting something obviously hateful, such as addressing another poster by use of a racial, religious or ethnic slur or impugning their sexual orientation.

Such an offense will automatically trigger the warning that the next such offense will result in a suspension. If the offense is particularly heinous, such as posting a threat to another memberís life, a suspension may be automatic.

Whenever an offense requires a suspension, which will typically be one week, I will explain to the suspended poster what specifically caused the suspension -- whether it was a single post or posts or a long-term pattern of disruptive behavior -- and why that behavior is prohibited. I will also post notice in the thread that contains the ďlast strawĒ post that the offender has been suspended.

Policy on Edits

If a post contains one of the eight types of forbidden content listed above, I will automatically edit it out, without requesting permission from the poster. I will however PM him/her that I have made the edit. In cases where rhetoric becomes heated or becomes ad hominem, I will not make nor request edits, although I will request that the poster back off from any further displays of the kind. I donít believe itís possible to unsay something, and I would rather let argumentative posts remain and garner calming responses from the community and perhaps clarifications/apologies from posters who have given offense without intending to.

Policy on Spoilers

It is assumed that any review of a text will contain spoilers about that text. In the case of really earth-shattering plot twists, a reviewer should put them in spoiler tags and warn that what is contained should not be read by someone who has not read/viewed the text.

In the case of television episodes, or movies or books in a series, spoilers about succeeding texts (including previews and promos) should be spoiler tagged. Thread titles should make clear which text is being reviewed/spoiled but should not contain overtly spoilery information themselves.

If spoilers that violate this policy occur, I will tag them without waiting to get permission from the poster. People who see spoiler violations should PM me so I can catch them as quickly as possible and hide them. No one will ever be suspended for spoiler policy violations.


If a member believes that anything in these policies or the way I apply them is inconsistent with board guidelines and fairness, that member is welcome to start a thread in AQG or appeal to one of the admins.
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