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Getting an "Insecure Connection" warning for Exisle? No worry

Details in this thread

Consumer Technology Rules

Welcome to the Consumer Technology Forum!

The charter of this forum is the discussion of consumer technology, including, but not limited to, personal computers, home electronics and other bits of technology you might come across in daily life. The forum represents a concerted effort for you to discuss these things, as well as coming here to get help from other posters who might have something to share about these items.

That said, it is my duty to caution you about some of the possible issues that may come up in such discussions. This board is bound by the applicable laws of the location of its server. That means US law, for those who are not certain. This means a few things in particular for this sort of forum.

In this forum please:

- Refrain from posting code or other proprietary information about a product.

- Do not post means by which to subvert or bypass copy protections on software, DVDs, Digital Audio or other media.

- Do not post instructions on how to modify hardware to bypass the intended use of that product.

- Avoid posting manuals or other documentation about a product that is not freely available already via public website or other media.

- Do not post any product whatsoever as an attachment or links to any site containing that product if that site offers the product for free without being properly licensed by the owner of that product.

- DO contact the moderator or administrators if there is something that you are not certain about when posting.

Violations of any of the prohibited topics of discussion will be dealt with by unilateral editing of the posts, locking of the topics, or both. Posters who make it a habit of posting these things will be referred for administrator action.

Now how was that for an FBI warning? ;)

Anyway, beyond the concerns above, there's just a ton of stuff to talk about here, and a lot of products that we use that people would like to talk about and may need some help with. There is a sort of emphasis on computing topics, but this forum is *not* limited to computing. Any form of technology that is a product now or might become a product in the very near future (any true future tech discussion is more the province of EtU forum) is welcome here.

That said, post away (as if you needed any prompting from me) and have fun!
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